Should Zuckerberg give up all his company shares too?
William Johnson Long III

I agree with that. That’s what i am trying to understand while building, or thinking about building, on top of STEEM. I plan to create a new economy that will benefit people who are outside of the system at the system at the moment, all of it will be relying on the STEEM blockchain’s security, coin liquidity and user acceptance. If STEEM provides a bridge to the next innovation, the creators deserve compensation. There is no patent or any kind of protection for an open source code… The issue becomes transparency, i.e. how do we know how much they take/keep?

In the white paper I am writing for my own project, I am focusing on making sure that is all disclosed upfront. That way, if people think I did not set-it up correctly, they can give me feedback and we can discuss. In the end, if they disagree, they dont participate in my TGE.

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