A Failure of Imagination for Global Development
Joe Brewer

Check out the work of the futurist, Richard Hames, of Melbourne, CEO of Centre for the Future, and creator of MiVote, a system in Australia that allows all citizens to comment and shape public policy. In a recent talk here in the Bay Area, he said exactly what you’re saying — that you can’t create a vision of the future from the structures created in the past. His approach is to use world-wide information technologies to re-look at the world’s problems from a new, fresh viewpoint, and look into their causes as a way to discover what’s possible in the future. He then goes further and creates structures, like www.MiVote.org, to change social structures toward the future we want. Very hopeful stuff, and the move into action based on optimum leverage points is crucial. www.RichardHames.com.

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