Loving my present: Today, which is also a present from God

I can smile today, not only fiscally, but with my soul. I smile because He never left my side and every day He continues to bless me and show me how much i need Him in my life. I smile because i feel loved and accepted by Him. I smile because He is hope, Hes my strength, Hes love in every way. I smile because i was broken and He patched me up, showed my how to love again. How theres different kinds of love but its the same universal language. How He has blessed me when i thought i already had everything i (thought i) needed, but showed my what i really only needed. He showed me earthly human love and through it: His divine unconditional heavenly love. Thank you for letting me experience it. Both. Thank you for blessing me with my first times with an incredible man. A man devoted and passionate to You. Thank You for showing me what to look for in a man. Thank You for catching me. Thank you for loving me

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