Medium for Nonprofits
Ariel Azoff

The following document untitled, “The Gordian Knot Foundation Inc” would like to see if you are interested in this Organization and wish to contribute. Information about overcoming obstacles and challenges are being offered via this “Help Network” for people with disabilities and returning Veterans, and anyone seeking information about overcoming obstacles in your life, and building a secure future (financially, socially and academically) the first step is to have a good understanding of what you want and to obtain, contribute, and belong to, to ensure your success. Having said this is where I step in with my brief details about myself and this Organization. With regards to your search results in life’s journey, I implore you to get back to me with your needs, stories and photos of your own accomplishments, dreams, and aspirations. Welcome to the Gordian Knot Foundation, when you get to the blog, please sign-in and create your own unique username and password. You will find many articles on divergent subjects as they relate to your finding answers. I encourage you to please comment with your feelings, and offer suggestions for the future of the Foundation.

Creating your own profile then is your starting point, you have a say, your voice is important, and it is people like you that can become the “Medium” so to speak, that will shape the course and future policy and help this “Network” successfully provide the knowledge and expertise to help others with similar interests and aspirations. You are very important to me. I will get back to you and your voice will help bring the desired outcome. I am a Schizophrenic, for over forty years I have battled with my distorted mind. It became near impossible to find my sanity. In these past fifteen years I am overcoming the challenges and adversity of my life. I began to write about my struggle and recorded my history in biographical information on the effects, and described the appearance and characteristics along with the many paths to overcoming the challenges. I called the book, “Schizophrenic Journey the Book of Victor” by James Osowski of Osowski Publications/Lion Enterprise/Gordian Knot Foundation Inc. I want to encourage you to get back to me that we might too create a dialect; thus strengthen your relationship and we’ll see what happens. Great minds think alike. You are of great value to your future plans and ideas and I will be in touch with you and working on the same if you wish. Thanks again for your time and consideration your humble servant, James Osowski aka Lion

Email me: via the Mediums’ application.