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Hey, what’s up, want to hear an origin story? Cool! So I’ve got a little package delivery company, ok? And about a month after bitcoin’s all-time-high in December ’17, I overheard one of my drivers telling another about some money he had recently made by investing in Tron. I know, right? Such is the legend of my foray into the crypto-space!

So I’m relatively new here I guess, but I definitely showed up just in time to endure the full length of crypto winter, so I’m basically a pro now. Before this, I had been aware of bitcoin for years, but knew nothing of any other so-called “coins”, or “tokens”, and none of it fit into my little world, so I had no desire to learn. But upon hearing of these crazy gains my friend had made, I quickly developed an appetite for that education! And so I hurled myself down the rabbit hole like an Olympic diver, scouring the web for all things blockchain.


It took maybe a day or two, but I concluded that Tron was not my cup of tea, and Ethereum was still smoldering in crypto-kitty smoke. And although I was new, it was obvious for me that: A) its still early, & B) real value lies in real use. Obviously, scalability would be foundational for success, so I went searching for protocol layer blockchains that could one day work in real life, & then I just needed to buy enough tokens to rent a seat on their public rocket-ship…making 100x trips to the moon and all that jazz.

Naturally, when I stumbled across Zilliqa on some random exchange a few weeks later, and read through (what I could understand of) the white paper, I was intrigued. “Might as well grab some tokens!”, I said; then I joined their telegram chat. Then I was wowed! Hope & promise for the future filled the air. Sophisticated, yet easily digest-able dialogue was a daily occurrence. Community members, founders, & core team members were engaging one another in ways that benefitted me greatly as a poor, passionate noob. Dignity and joy were common denominators, and admins had super patience powers; none of which had been my experience in other chats at the time. So I took a deep breath, went all in and became a hodler.

But it’s been an intense couple of years though, am I right? The Bear Market chipped away morale for many in this space. And now, bitcoin seems to be gathering all the world’s satoshis unto itself like a black hole; or maybe a supermassive sat-hole I guess. But it’s been these conditions that lead me to take a step back, & get a good hard look at the space & my portfolio.

Alt coin sats right now

Here for the tech, right?

The ideas of profit and ownership are what originally brought me here, but I can promise you, it’s the evolution of tech that kept me. Even though $ZIL the coin hasn’t really been a profit machine for your boy, #Zilliqa, the foundation, its team, & my friends in the community, have been integral in my growth in this space. And watching a research paper develop from idea to MainNet has been a real bonding agent for many, myself included. So I do apologise, but I’m not leaving anytime soon!

Knowing I had purchased utility tokens that still weren’t really being utilized, I decided to just be patient & carry on, following developments as they come. Although I found myself getting louder and all long-winded (typical!) in the chats, trying to stitch up bear wounds & track trolls. I decided to just try to amplify the positives and wait; but its really hard for me to sit still in life, so I started thinking more about how I could contribute, what i could do, or how blockchain could fit into my world, outside of just getting rekt on exchanges.

I knew that Zilliqa’s ecosystem grant had an “innovation track”, to spur this very kind of thing, but I didn’t have any good ideas, and even if I did, I’m not a programmer, or finance guy…“I can’t make a dApp” so I figured, “why try?”. I’m not from the world of academia or computer science, and I don’t have any pedigrees or letters next to my name. I’ve done pretty good for myself in logistics, but I’m just super regular in the world of blockchain

Then one day, I had a common package tracking issue come up at work. Happens all the time, but this time, I had an idea with it! The whole vision hit me at once, as plain as day. The Package Portal! I sat down and started writing & diagramming, & went days straight putting it all on paper. I was either hunched over a keyboard or was snatching the life from white board markers like our friend Mr. Wick.

Public Blockchains have nearly limitless applications; what will be yours?

I put the word out to my inner circle back home, that I was building and needed an experienced software engineer. One of my real good friends connected me with one of his real good friends, Gabe. We met in downtown Phoenix near his office, & discovered that we actually have a ton of mutual friends in the same circles, & its weird we hadn’t met up til that point. But also, that we’re like minded in many regards, and so when I showed him the blueprint, he was in. And we’ve been laser-focused in unison since that day.

We’ve since begun to build an app that will see Zilliqa’s NFTs and Smart Contracts used. The plan is to solve a few problems in my own business, and add some transactions to the Zilliqa ledger myself while doing it! This way, I’m able to contribute to the network in a real way. So its exciting and rewarding for those reasons alone. But the thing is, if we execute on this, it has the potential to disrupt the entire Shipper-Customer dynamic, and generate a lot of revenue….I mean like, a lot.

T is for Trillion

I found out just days ago that we could become grantees, so all of this is happening very fast for us. Its a whirlwind of paperwork and integers. We have deadlines & goals, & lots of work to do to meet them. But we hope to bring the Zilliqa community along for the ride! I am in the community and of the community, and so our aim will be for you all to share in our project’s growth, and development, right from the earliest of stages. Both Han Wen & Gareth have already been supportive beyond belief, & they have really great ideas for how we can provide windows for you guys to look into & trek with us.

Do bear in mind, that there are 10 other awesome teams that were just awarded grants as well, most of which are doing vital work for the ecosystem in the Tools & Libraries Category. We don’t want to distract from them in any way with our project. Neither do we wish to clog up the ZIL chats with too much talk of our little project. Rather, we will plan to open ourselves up to the Community a little bit more than a tech startup typically might, and let you follow along as we build a dApp on the world’s first public blockchain based on sharding.

Please note: there will be no public token sales, ICOs, IEOs, or EIEIOs. This is a real company that we’ve strategically founded in Wyoming, that will leverage the Zilliqa network for people who would otherwise not engage with blockchain. Nevertheless, our tokens will have real utility & real value. During the next few months, I will have to be well-measured, as we have IP to consider, & lots of fluid variables. So do be mindful as usual, that some things simply cannot be discussed. But all in all, I’m thrilled to embark on this journey with my coFounder, & to invite you all to join us, as we put action to hashtags, & begin to #BuildOnZIL.


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@LionsLogistics …at times, I write.

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