Effort before enjoyment

Let’s face it, a million dollars gives you options.

A billion dollars gives you more options.

If having money didn’t mean something then everybody who has it would be giving it back to the US Treasury.

But you don’t see anybody tripping over themselves to give it back.


The answer is in the question itself. How do you overcome a belief? You can’t. Or, it is near impossible.

To believe that a life of enjoyment is a life worth living is honorable.

Your belief is true. To a point. Having money does allow you to enjoy life.

It isn’t the money you enjoy. It is the things money do for you that you enjoy.

Being able to take a random trip to Venice because you’ve got the extra scratch is enjoyable.

Having the financial security to pay for a house cash… No burden of a mortgage hanging over your head…. Who wouldn’t enjoy their life.

The existential crises isn’t about the money. The crisis is “Am I going to enjoy my life with the least amount of effort as possible?”

Every part of life isn’t meant to be enjoyed. Sorry. That is the reality. Those with the millions and billions had to exert some sort of effort to get it.

Enjoyment is a brief interlude between all of your efforts. To enjoy requires that you’ve given effort to something, anything.

Some effort produces a varying degree of enjoyment in return. The effort and enjoyment cycles are unbalanced.

If I dig a ditch for 8 hours my enjoyment in return looks to be about $80 and a cold beer……

When you think about my effort the most enjoyable return was the cold beer.

You can spend 1 hour negotiating a buyout deal for a growing business and make a return of $100,000.

Effort versus outcome is unequal. Your effort versus the corresponding enjoyment can be unequal. More money with the least amount of effort = enjoyment paradise.

All of this is to say that there is some kind of mechanism in our psyche that understands an inherit value and reward system. What we value and what we reward can be different from person to person and from culture to culture.

What I see going on is your beginning a journey to understand what life really means, and is life all about enjoyment?

There is a healthy tension and paradox with suffering and enjoyment. We have to suffer some to enjoy more later.

Money can bear the illusion that no effort or suffering took place for money to be worth something.

The idea that we can get more money without effort or suffering is extremely attractive.

You’re in pursuit of a pattern that gives you the highest reward for the most minimal effort. It is common to all of us. People find that pattern in different ways.

The artist finds the pattern in her painting. The effort to create is rewarded by a small following of people who enjoy her work.

The entrepreneur finds the pattern in offering a unique product that gives enjoyment to the masses. His effort in production gives others enjoyment in the product.

The lawyer finds a pattern in spending years of effort to learn the law to one day experience the enjoyment of being a professional.

Action points to consider:

  1. Realize that you’ve been hardwired to seek enjoyment and avoid effort
  2. All of us are looking for the unbalanced pattern that gives us maximum enjoyment for the least amount of effort.
  3. Focus on effort before enjoyment.