How to have a terrible call with a CEO

I called and left a message for a CEO of a practice group. In my voicemail I mentioned the name of a CEO of another practice group who is a major competitor.

Good news is, you will most likely get a call back from this CEO.

Bad news is, you better be ready to spring to action with relevant information for this CEO.

Let’s call this CEO, Wayne. Wayne was kind of perturbed that I was calling him about another CEO but didn’t have any relevant information that mattered to him.

Being able to predict that you will have relevant information after you get a call back is incredibly hard and challenging.

When in doubt, tap into the Wayne’s self interest. Now is not the time to spout off how amazing your service or product is because Wayne doesn’t care about your product or service. Wayne cares about himself and making his company better or he loses his job.

I didn’t do a great job of that. Even though I’ve been through this drill a million times, sometimes you just make a bad play. That’s what I did last night with Wayne.

Sorry Wayne, please forgive me.