Success is an illusion

Success is an illusion.

You put 20 people in a room and ask them what success is and you will get 20 different answers.

The problem with success questions, is a success question.

What is success to a 4 year old? It rained today and getting 10 minutes to play in a mud puddle. Ahhh….. refreshing.

What is success to an Amazonian tribesman…..? Wasn’t bitten by a deadly water snake?

What is success to Billy Bob in Longview, TX? He scored some really good weed from his buddy without having to pay.

Is success the right question? Is it possible to stop thinking about destinations and the end?

I’ll save you the bs “It is about the journey and not the destination”. No seriously, it kind of is. The cliche is true right?

Is life a linear line. Or is life a cycle?

When you view life as a linear line, you think ‘This failure leads to point A then that failure leads to point B and if I listen to my motivational tape that will lead to point C, and finally if I hold out just long enough I will be a respected person at point D…..

What does life look like with cycles? Today the sun shined. Tomorrow it will be cloudy. Thursday it will rain. Sunday the sun came back. Cycles.

Today I lost my job. Tomorrow I do some freelance work. Next year I am offered a shitty job. The following day I start a business. Next year I lose a customer. Cycles.

Success begets failure begets success.

Life is a cycle.

Life is also fractal.

Heart rate monitor is fractal.

Stock market is fractal.

Terrain is fractal. Mountain then valley then plains then hills then mountain. A cycle, a fractal.

Your work is a cycle. Your work is fractal. Is your success with work linear….?

Building a company is fractal.

Building a company is a cycle.

There is work all around you. There are endless jobs that are not getting done right now.

Go get to work! Being unemployed is an illusion.