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Using the Lion Travelers Vault as the investment tool of the future.

The crypto world is evolving daily and with these daily evolutions come new opportunities for all. The different usages of the various cryptocurrencies are widespread and can range from online shopping to holiday booking, to even in-person payments and rewards for using different platforms. One of the more recent evolutions in the crypto world is obviously NFTs.

On platforms like OpenSea many collectors can now buy and sell NFTs just as you would be able to buy and sell art at world-class auctions. However the usages of NFTs are not limited to just art and slowly the potential of NFTs is being revealed, we here at the Lion Travelers NFT project have designed a revolutionary way of investing known simply as a “VAULT” that allows all investors to deposit their crypto and earn passive incomes from the monthly return while at the same rewarding the original owner of the vaults and creating a new enterprise that is possible thanks to the power of Web3 and NFTs.

There are two keywords you need to know to unlock the power of the Vault:

  • Lions → Lions is the term we use to refer to our NFTs. They are usually characterized by their various unique traits and the typical objects of the countries they visit.
  • Dimension Tokens ($DMS) → Dimension tokens are the mysterious otherworldly currency that lions collect during their travels and are necessary for the lions to mint and later boost their individual Vaults.

Let's dive deeper, shall we?

What is a Vault and how does it work?

A Vault is a personal digital bank where anyone can deposit their various cryptocurrencies and have them staked them in order to receive 5% APR on the deposit, but also can be boosted in order to hit insane returns up to 60% APR.

For a user to mint a Vault they need to have at least one Lion and collect 4 $DMS (which are also airdropped monthly during the first year). Every vault can receive deposits of your favorite cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and DAI (DAI) among some others that remain to be revealed.

Vaults however are not only an individual, just as the majestic Lions are part various “Prides”, you too can create your own groups via an affiliate code that can be shared with other investors allowing anybody to enjoy the benefits of the Vaults.

Lions are not simply generous… they are also kings of the wild and, as a result, they receive the grace that comes with the title. Just like the Lions, you also will have the ability to be rewarded for being the king of your Vault and receive from us a 0.5% monthly return on all the funds deposited in your Vault, this is not including the original 5% of your invested capital.

The Vault has a staking window of 6 months, after which you can make withdrawals of the original deposited capital.

So, How Do I Mint a Vault?

Any user with a Lion merely needs to exchange 4 $DMS in order to mint a vault with an APR of 5%. Additionally, users with a Lion will gain access to the Business Club App where they can manage their wallets and Vaults as well as receive exclusive perks that will be revealed in the future.

How Do I Boost My Vault?

Boosting is how Lions become more financially powerful when compared to their peers, the jungle is a harsh battlefield but also an Oasis for the true kings. Lion holders can accumulate more $DMS through our marketplace and use them to boost their Vault APR all the way up to 60% APR.

For each additional $DMS exchanged, the Vault’s APR increases by +0.125%. Since it can reach a ceiling of 60%, you can exchange up to 440 $DMS. It is also good to remember that you need to boost the Vault during the minting phase, after which you will have to wait 6 months for the Vault to open again in order to boost the APR.

How Do I Extend My Vault’s lifetime?

Since the Vault has a locking period of 6 months, you can maintain the same financial conditions and privileges for another 6 months by extending its lifetime. Again the mysterious currency known as $DMS comes into play here: with 444 $DMS you can extend the Vault’s lifetime and maintain the same APR for another 6 months.

Vaults & Lions: the first step towards your stable financial future

The Vault is a very easy and secure financial instrument for your investments. The Lion Travelers project allows anyone to finally experience the power and freedom that comes from passive income all thanks to the newly emerging blockchain technologies and their fusion with the traditional world of CeFi.

Find more on our website and join Discord to stay updated.

See you on the road, Lions!



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