Although most of humanity has been trained to experience pleasure in ease and pain in difficulty, those on the quest for self-actualization, leadership, influence, or even simply living a better life embrace difficulty and discomfort — the doorway, not destination, to growth.
The Number One Secret to Superhuman Willpower
Benjamin P. Hardy

“Embrace Difficulty and Discomfort for Personal Growth.”

Yes, that was London 2015

Beautiful! Thanks Benjamin Hardy for writing this. I never tried fasting, but I’ve been doing long-distance running for a while and I can tell it works.

Last year I managed to run a marathon despite having contracted pneumonia 6 weeks before the race, which kept me in hospital and in bed for 2 weeks, leaving me 4 weeks to re-train from scratch.

Having trained for difficulty and discomfort before getting ill, I decided I could do it. My first run after recovering was barely 1 kilometer - it felt like 100! - and after 4 weeks of daily suffering I managed run the marathon anyway.

I didn’t do the time I was aiming for, nevertheless I completed the race in a rather decent time (5:03' for the records).

If you can go through this, you can do things that look superhuman!

Fasting or running (or both), do it and discover a new you!