It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

There’s a problem when one starts with distorted and incorrect facts to build up a case for any claim. In fact, during the Norman conquest of Britain the people continued speaking Anglo-Saxon, and the level of inflitration of French words into Old English was very slow. While the legal system, big scale trade, etc were done in French, the people still continued to talk their language as a vernacule. Only after the Normans have left, did the great vowel shift occur, and the transition from Anglo Saxon to Middle English. It’s quite the mystery how that happened, why only after the Norman occupation ended, and how so quickly, within one generation. The presence of two sets of words, one “refined” and one “everyday” is quote right though. The claims made in the beginning of this piece are completely incorrect. So now tell me why I should take seriously any claim that is built on that! (The rest is just as erroneous, but the rest is not worth reading becasue it starts off so poorly.)

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