Seeking Stability in Decentralized Finance and Digital Assets

The dramatic emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the past decade, and more recently in the past year, has raised serious concerns regarding the volatility of digital decentralized assets. This volatility threatens to undermine DeFi’s existing progress and block its further adoption and expansion. Therefore, focus is currently on the creation of a stable DeFi asset, based on floating rates, on which other decentralized financial tools can be built. Currently, all decentralized stable coins use fiat as a stable reference point. Even DeFi currencies that have indirect pegs to fiat rely on fiat’s stability. …

An introduction to Defi’s Potential & Challenges.

Follow the dollar and it inevitably leads through centralized entities. Capitalism might have democratized our economic systems but monetary policy remains stubbornly centralized. The adverse consequences of our modern financial system are frequently referenced: lack of transparency, 1.7 billion “unbanked” adults worldwide(1), a cycle of boom and bust. Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is often prescribed as the solution. But DeFi is not the solve-all. If we want to fully realize DeFi’s potential to fix our financial markets, we must ensure that we are diagnosing the problems correctly. …

A story led by powerful Values and remarkable Individuals

Dear Friends, Partners, and Followers:

Since 2018, Eden Block’s mission has been to align with and work with the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, technologists, and researchers. We’re incredibly humbled by the connections forged with our portfolio companies, our co-investors, and the broader communities that we’ve been in touch with.

The past two years have been pivotal for the Blockchain industry, as they have been pivotal for Eden Block and its activities. We have witnessed an ongoing (and far from complete) maturation of an incredibly exciting industry and have had the chance to back the formidable entrepreneurs and scientists leading the charge. …

Part I: An Innovation Framework

Innovation is what sets us, as humans, apart from the natural world. Through innovation, we realize our profound ability to impact our environment. It is the infinite leap from 0 to 1, an act of creation ex nihilo. It justifies investment and exponentially grows the economic value of our world. And yet, innovation seems elusive and indefinable. In our exuberant pursuit of progress, we have lost touch with the true definition of innovation. We confuse, corrupt, and misrepresent it. We think that every step forward constitutes innovation and that it manifests in everything from novel shampoo recipes to faster internet…

Everyone asks: is the world ready for Blockchain? But more importantly, is Blockchain ready for us?

Cowritten by Noam Levenson

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2017 was the year that blockchain made its way into the mainstream’s consciousness. To the outside world, today’s hot topics are “is Bitcoin a bubble”, and “where can I get Ripple?” But people are missing the point. They’re missing the fundamental question that we should all be asking. I don’t believe that today’s focus should revolve around whether or not Bitcoin will still be around a few years from now. A more intriguing question is: “how will blockchain really change the world?” And even that question fails to consider whether the blockchains we have today can…

Lior M. Messika

CEO @ Messika Holdings & Founder @ Eden Block. I research the intersection of Technology, Markets, and Business Model Innovation.

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