How We Hired Our Product Manager By Using AI-Driven Chat Bot

This is the story of the first chat bot hire…

We are Spartans

A team of innovation experts on a mission to innovate faster. In the image — a brave lego Spartan

A startup company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Focused on Chat Bot interfaces (Textual & Vocal) innovation and services.

When we decided that we need to hire our first full-time employee in Israel we also decided to create a smarter way to hire utilizing our experience.

Replacing Curriculum Vitae

CVs is one of the core elements of the classic hiring process. All of us had the chance to create a CV and hand it over for the opportunity of getting a desired position.

The thing about a CV is that it is a summary of what the job seeker wants you to know. Which is not alwasys what you need to know about your candidates.

The average time spent looking at a CV is around 5–7 seconds (Large companies). The probability of overlooking or rejecting a good candidate is very high. Even for the more professional eyes.

Video Capture Of The Candidate Flow In HR Bot

For the employer, the time required to review, analyze, pass, reject is significant in large numbers.

Due to all those points and more — we decided to create a new automated hiring process by using an AI driven Facebook Chat Bot.

CV Out. Chat Bot In

Once we decided to test our theory of CV automation it was a matter of days until we started the development.

There are a lot of different implementations in different verticals of Chat Bots. Industries such as Travel, Medical, Finance and others already automate different recurring processes.

In our vision, we saw an automated candidate onboarding process that will help us find a good fit faster.

We wanted to create a fast, CV-less process.

Most important — we wanted to control what kind of information we are getting.

Candidate Oriented UX

Putting the candidates in the center would pay back with better applications.

When we started to design the Chat Bot’s candidate flow we focused it on the candidates experience.

Any hiring process has to be friendly and clear. Candidates, especially the high-quality ones, have lots of opportunities out there. Nobody wants to lose great prospects due to bad onboarding experience.

3 key quality points were set:

* Accessibility of information. Basic about the open positions, basic information about the company we added.

* Ease of input of information was crucial. As the interface is mobile there was grave importance to length. The questions were divided to chunks and we experimented the number of questions presented.

* Ease of navigation between the different elements of the hiring chat bot.

During the process we continued to optimize and improve the flow and added functionalities. Elements like extended replies, Automated Rejection due to abuse and more have reduced the response time even more.

The First Chat Bot Hire

Two weeks after launching the HR bot, we met Alona. Alona Shaked who is now our first full-time employee in Israel and PM.

Alona Shaked is also a Operations Manager at ProWoman — Entrepreneurship Program Promoting Women

We were targeting candidates with an entrepreneurial attitude, that have completed processes and have the get sh*t done approach.

Those are the traits that are in our eyes are crucial for the success of the company.

Alona had it all.

She answered the different questions that include professional and personal related questions. The answers were good, precise and to the point.

The chat bot extracted successfully her details, created a summary and followed up through an email.

Looking backward the unique process made the position even more attractive. I definitely felt the process is much more effective than I am use to.

Another unexpected effect was the social engagement. We have received a lot more traction and recommendations to the bot and our personal profiles.

Things We Have Learned

The biggest lesson is that there is still a lot to be done. There are a lot of elements in the HR world that a human touch is a must — other can be automated.

In processes like information and data gathering, chat bots are a great solution.

AI/Machine Learning solutions are objective, precise and are able to lower the “noise” around somebody’s application.

Machines look at facts and data.

Chat Bots will make the life of the hiring manager/hr easier and accelerate the process of hiring. It already did for us.

What’s next for HR Bot?

A lot.

We are not stopping here and the HR Bot is becoming a full in-house product that we will offer as a plug & hire (😃)solution.

We are already working on making HR Bot smarter, faster and even more efficient. To allow you to focus on the important thing — the people.

There are many companies (and HR managers) that would love a solution that will optimize this part of the process.

One of them? Check out

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