WTF is Experience Design?
Joe Toscano⚡️

First I frowned upon all the different terms floating around from service designer, UX designer, experience designer. It’s a reflection that majority of Designers is not aware of what essentially they are should aim for in a project vs what they are tasked to do. It’s definitely myopic and only serve certain groups of people well. Anyway I digress. If I have to differentiate, there’s a big difference between an experience designer and user experience designer. What you described falls mainly in the field of user experience design which is commonly used in digital. Rightly so because most the the UX designer I met has a very narrow view of their “responsibility”. Their work end when user closes the app/ browser. Many talks about the experience embedded and transpired given by the app, they don’t look what’s beyond. Example, why and what will make them use the app? What are the pain points they faces beyond the app such as calling contact center for a failed parcel delivery. Customer doesn’t view their interactions with a brand by channel basis. This is a narrow and silo view. They see it as one journey. As a designer, we must do the same with empathy. Experience designer is a system designer. He/she solves a problem in view of the entire system especially the impact on end to end customer’s journey. We don’t look at the medium (ahem, “technology” or not is not the point). A designer solve problems with empathy, that is what our job is about. An good experience is where one remember positively and connects to it emotionally. That’s what design need to aim for.