Knowledge base: A boon for the support center

Before launching any product, every firm pivots their focus on developing the content for its knowledge base. A knowledge base is a user-guide filled with instructions consisting of “How to’s”. It marks its importance when the user struggles in any particular step of the technicalities involved in the product acting as a savior to deal with that scenario.

Within knowledge base, folders can be created and inside it, different categories and articles can be added.

Category: It refers to the information for a specific topic.

Article: These are the documents from where users can get the instant information about any topic.

Why is knowledge base created?

To provide users a hassle-free customer service experience on their visit to the support portal with the relevant information in the form of solution articles.

The prime two reasons are:

  • Self-service experience- The customers can resolve their queries on their own without contacting the support center due to the availability of the rich articles as self-help is the new marketing trend.
  • Reducing the volume of support- If the KB articles are intuitive then the chances of flagging any issue becomes rare by the customers. This makes the functioning of any helpdesk efficient and reduces the workload too.

Why is knowledge base essential?

For getting the quick help of any feature of the product or for the better understanding of the whole functionality of the company’s products, a knowledge base is prepared to guide the customers in the best possible way.

Think of the situation when you have launched the product without providing its specification(no knowledge base). What will happen? The customers will unable to get the gist of the product. Some will raise an issue while some will drop the idea of purchasing the product and switch over to the other portal having a vast knowledge base of the same product.

“A knowledge base is a business strategy for promoting the product and for a startup its a must to have a well-defined knowledge base.”

How must the KB articles be delivered to the users?

  • The content of the KB articles must be customer-centric i.e. there are average readers too who fail to understand complex words, try to explain things in easy language as over the top words might confuse them. The content has to be informative, interactive and fun to read element must be there throughout.
  • The articles must be well organized, categorized and tagged so it becomes simple to search them otherwise it’s quite a tedious task to go through a list of unorganized articles and unable to find the right insight.
  • The uniqueness in writing an article is such that it raises the curiosity in the reader’s mind from the beginning and holds them till the completion.

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Originally published at UVdesk.