Use This Recruitment Tools to Make Your Linkedin Profile Successful

LinkedIn has slowly overgrown the perception of an ordinary platform where people post and read posts to professional hunting ground where people fish for talent and skills form other people. Though Facebook and Twitter brought a revolution on how people interact, LinkedIn led to change in the organizations hire their staff. Currently, a majority of HR manager will consider candidates who have a LinkedIn account when hiring.

LinkedIn profile makeover tips are items one will require to ensure their user accounts are updated to the highest standards. The mere imagination having a given user account can land you a job or a business deal should be enough motivation to work on the social media account.

Time has led to LinkedIn becoming one of the best recruitment tools for employers as they can gauge the authenticity and competence of a candidate without having to meet them and at no cost. As a result, LinkedIn has given new meaning to social media recruiting as it brings high levels of professionalism, personalization, and positive evaluation of candidates before hiring. Your LinkedIn profile can be equated to your resume as employers judge you by the standards of that profile. As such, Check out credible ways of enhancing the appearance of “my LinkedIn profile” is invaluable. Here are tips you need to know how to use LinkedIn to find a job as they are the key to having the best profile that is not only remarkable but award-winning.

  1. Upright Profile Picture

When it comes to LinkedIn profile, not all photos qualify to represent to the professional world. The first tool you need to grab is editing your profile photo to the highest standards possible. If you can afford to get a professional taking a photograph kindly have it, but do not use a selfie or blurred image. Employers will be attracted by your first glance which is impeded on your profile picture. Thus, do not risk a potential fat job just because of a photo which you can get and have it uploaded to your profile. Most importantly, ensure you use your photo as using someone else photo would be impersonation which is more dangerous.

2. Proper Headline with the Right Keywords

Headlines in LinkedIn are not mere headlines with a few words, but should be a reflection of your personality, and contain the perfect keywords to enhance your visibility. Recruiters on LinkedIn search for candidates from the LinkedIn database and only profiles with the right keywords in their headlines appear first on the search and stand a chance of consideration.

It is possible to have an excellent description by using the 120 characters offered by LinkedIn. When employers search for keywords while hiring, only the rich headlines crop quickly, and that is what matters. As such, when you are creating your worn LinkedIn profile, the second thing you want to consider is the quality of your headline which is essential in every sense.

Your headline communicates to the employers on how best you can express yourself and helps you get recognized by the world. Your LinkedIn profile should be distinct from the millions of other users and any mistakes, or lack of crucial information in the profile will cost you an opportunity. The quality of your headline should be of high quality whether you a student or a professional as that is the equivalent of your unique ID, never mess it.

3. Summary

When creating a LinkedIn profile, the next tool and item you should invest in editing is your profile summary. The summary you use when writing your LinkedIn profile is the best chance you have to tell your potential employer why you are a unique and most qualified candidate. When you have a perfect profile picture and a headline, the next item that keeps your audience glued to your profile for a few seconds is the quality of your summary.

The first thing you consider in your summary is telling a compelling summary. The story should be your own story about your professional life and should convey your enthusiasm and reasons why you are the most qualified candidate. The summary should be not only descriptive but should demonstrate your skills and professionalism to the best.

The second item on writing your profile summary is checking on the number of words you use. Check on the number, meaning, and impact of the words you choose. Tell the world of your key accomplishments, their relevance to your career now, and what you hope to bring on the table when hired. A summary is a form of a cover letter which the hiring manager will check carefully before deciding on your candidature.

4. Make it Professional and Personal

Your LinkedIn summary should contain a touch of your personality but in a professional manner. Incorporate creativity and to ensure the review showcases your attributes in a professional angel. Besides, ensure the summary is warm and exciting to read no one wants a boring review for whatever reason. Your long-term should be included in the summary as your audience would be happy to know of both your present and future career goals. However, avoid professional jargon in the summary HR managers have read enough.

The final item on your profile summary should be a call to action. Ensure the review you are writing you are not only proud of it, but it sounds convincing and logical. Tell the world of whether you are looking for employment or business deal. Besides, give a way of telling the hiring manager of how to get you like it the only way you show your audience your intentions and desires of gaining employment.

5. Personalize your URL

Savvy on the probability of LinkedIn profile users who have customized URLs getting jobs reveals that such users easily get jobs and business deals. Here is why taking time to personalize your URL tells the world you are diligent and pay attention to details. The URL you settle on should contain your name to differentiate you from the over 400 million LinkedIn users. Besides, it is important you add your job title to the URL to make it more unique and compelling.

6. Comprehensive Background

All LinkedIn profiles have a section where candidates fill their past job experience, education, and any other relevant information about your career. Here is where you have a chance to tell the world you have done in the past. Have a background section that is comprehensive enough to attract other LinkedIn users. Since your experience is the crux of your career and LinkedIn profile, do not shy away from telling the world what you can do, and do it accurately without fear. Be precise and give sufficient and credible information but do not give more information than necessary. Finally, continuously update your this section to ensure it captures the latest information on your career.

7. Easily recognized Skills

We are all bestowed with lots of skills and capabilities but not all make it to your LinkedIn profile. As such, take time to edit your skills to ensure only the very best of your skills make it to your profile to distinguish you from other competitors. Such skills are what HR manager seek to see in your profile and do not deny them that chance.

8. Recommendations

Nothing helps flourish in LinkedIn as recommendations from your colleagues and employers you have served. Their recommendations affirm your claims immensely adding more value to your profile. Thus, make time to follow up on your former bosses and peers to leave an excellent recommendation message on your profile.

When contacting such person recommendations, ensure you communicate what skills you would want to have highlighted in the recommendation. A recommendation with a personal touch is a valuable asset you should seek to add to your LinkedIn profile to ensure you have a better chance of getting a job with LinkedIn. Finally, always remember to leave recommendations for other people as it is a simple way to of getting recommendations without hustling for one and genuinely.

9. Connections

When you have got recommendations on your profile, the next tool you need to incorporate is getting links. Remember that your LinkedIn profile is considered complete when you get 50 connections and above. Do not wait for any credible results if you have a profile that is incomplete in any way. Join professional groups and other circles that have your interests and be active on such platforms. Such activity gets you connections quickly and makes your LinkedIn profile appear active and professional.

10. Incorporate Other Forms of Interesting Media

Since LinkedIn has led to the departure of writing the traditional resumes, you can add links to your videos, blogs, recorded presentations, and documents to boost your profile. Here you back up all your claims by giving links that your audience can verify all your information. Besides, having this links shows the picture of a candidate who is well prepared for the job and exposed.

Be Proactive

When you have finally gotten to the status of an all start profile, your success will depend on your networking skills. Here is where you bring on board all your skills both social and professional to ensure you are the first to know when there is an opening. However, you can only get this information when you have a nice working relationship with your peers and seniors in your line of work.

Thus, you need to be always active in your LinkedIn profile in a relevant manner. Being active is the name of the game, and constant updating your profile whenever you have added a new certification or skill. Your visibility here should not be questioned in any manner by your connections. Achieve this by regularly writing blogs or uploading professional videos which are relevant to your career.

Lastly, remember that your LinkedIn profile is your doorstep in the professional world where you sell your skills to the world at no cost. Have it that a LinkedIn profile makeover is essential in earning positive returns on matters getting a job. Besides, do not take the luxury of fast-tracking your networking database and you should not take this lightly. Have it in your mind that connections and recommendation are valuable in your LinkedIn profile and getting a job.

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