@liptonrb Weekly (1–13 Mar. 2016)


I’ve missed last week because there were only few articles and posts that I adored and most of them were included into the RubyWeekly newsletters. I’m pretty sure that you’re already reading and loving it. If not, I totally recommend it! Seriously, go and subscribe. You won’t regret.

Anyway, there still will be some links that are presented in RubyWeekly but I’ll try to minimize the overlapping.

♦️ Kent Beck wrote great post on dealing with feels. This is a tribute to mindfulness from one the greatest minds of our industry. It is my absolute favourite pick this month.

♦️ Fresh and fancy UI design concepts with codepen.io implementations. Looks fun.

♦️ Yep, I think this is it. Just 4 most essential points to start.

♦️ Exciting interview with Chad Fowler, creator of Wunderlist and author of the “Passionate Programmer”. His book literally changed my vision and boosted up my love for Ruby.

♦️ And the little drop of fr0nt-end: nice tutorial on customizing 
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