@liptonrb Weekly (15–21 Feb. 2016)

Hello friend!

Every week we as developers meet tons of information. We read articles, blog posts, professional literature, listen to a podcasts, watch videos from conferences and surf through new documentation.

Some of it is handy, part is ‘meh’ and only few of it ‘click’ in our mind and change the way we think about stuff. Or gradually start the change.

Last week I published my first “digest” with the links that, in my opinion, were worth revisiting for me and also worth sharing with you. You may find it here.

I’d like to continue this week. Although the choice is totally subjective, I hope you’ll find something to pick.


♦️ Great step-by-step implementation of simple problem with Sandi Metz. Trade-offs and various design decisions in Ruby are included. Sandi’s examples are awesome when it comes to OOP and refactoring and this article is not the exception.

♦️ “Raw SQL in Rails Project” shows nice and reasonable approach to organizing and keeping SQL in Rails app. I hope I’ll give it a try.

♦️ If sometimes you feel confused about the differences between Stubs, Mocks and Spies — this article is for you. Also you’ll find examples of using them in RSpec.

♦️ Etsy’s CTO highlights key qualities of mature software engineers. I agree with the most of the points; and I found it useful to visit this kind of posts, articles or books on “dev culture” frequently; it helps me to reflect on my own decisions and emotions about the projects where I involved.


♦️ Chad Fowler tells about popular sort of procrastination trap. This post is no less relevant today as it was in 2009, when it was first published.

🎼 Album of the week — Hand. Cannot. Erase. by Steven Wilson. By the way, here is the great interview with him (in Russian).

That’s all for the last week. Thanks for visiting! 🚀