LIQNET cryptocurrency exchange received three major licenses for the purpose of activity on the territory of the European Union

Thanks to them, our clients can legally perform a number of key operations, being under the reliable protection of the laws of the European Commission on the territory of 28 States.

  • The licence of providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency. This license allows LIQNET to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for fiat money and cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies legally for residents of the European Union.
  • The license of the providing a virtual currency wallet service. It allows to provide hot and cold wallet services for cryptocurrencies. As part of this service, the company generates keys for customers or stores encrypted keys that can be used to store and transfer virtual currencies. This means providing services to store the accounting data needed to access virtual currencies. Simply put, LIQNET can officially provide cryptocurrency wallet services in the EU.
  • The license to operate as a financial institution. Residents of the European Union can legally use the services of LIQNET in the field of financial and monetary transactions. We work in full compliance with the law on prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. Today, almost all EU residents have a need for financial services, and LIQNET is ready to open the world of legal cryptocurrencies for them.

Roman Shirokov, co-founder and CEO of LIQNET:

Today, the global circulation of cryptocurrency discredited by shady deals, by no guarantees. LIQNET aims to turn the tide. We consistently act in order to counter money laundering in the crypto-currency industry, as well as make every effort to legalize cryptocurrencies as an available financial and payment means, adding to the distributed register the protection of our clients by legal acts of various States.

License for exchange of cryptocurrencies, providing crypto and operate as financial institutions increase the credibility of LIQNET and output to a new level of responsibility to customers.

A cryptocurrency exchange with the unique liquidity pooling technology

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