LIQNET road show 2018: results

LIQNET returned from the road show in the United States of America and is ready to share experiences.

Our new friends have shown great interest in the cryptocurrency exchange project with liquidity aggregation, so after the initial agreements we prepare the ground for detailed discussions.

The purpose of the trip was the relations’ establishing with investors from the United States. We personally presented the company to hundreds of people, wrote almost a thousand emails and made several hundred calls. During the tour, among the constant communication and travel, we managed (previously and on the spot) to organize twelve meetings with potentially the most important people for the project.

The most memorable city of the road show was New York, which, despite of its size, feels compact and imbued with special energy. And BlockShow conference in Las Vegas is recognized as the undisputed leader of our rating of events. Its organizers showed professionalism and were able to invite great guests, filling every minute of the event with benefits.

In addition, we have gained valuable experience in establishing relationships with entrepreneurs from different countries and from different continents, such as Adam Jacobs, Pavel Cherkashin and Bobby Lee, as well as felt the benefit of the roadshow as a separate, extremely valuable type of marketing activity.

The main trip’s results to LIQNET:

  1. meetings with investors — conducted and planned;
  2. meetings and exchange of experience with representatives of the ten largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world;
  3. obtaining advices on registration on SEC.

The main conclusion of the tour is the need to connect the new exchanges that will make trading through LIQNET even more profitable, and the project itself is more attractive for large investments.

LIQNET will make every effort to use all the experience accumulated in the roadshow, all connections and ideas for the benefit of our users.

LIQNET — Cryptocurrency exchange

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A cryptocurrency exchange with the unique liquidity pooling technology

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