The second stop of the road show in the US LIQNET was made in Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2018 in San Francisco.

In the process, we visited the TokenMatch meetup. In California, we were warmly greeted by about a hundred industry entrepreneurs and journalists, a roof overlooking the city and the surrounding forests, as well as beverages that corresponded to the informal atmosphere.

Four full days in San Francisco, in addition to communication at the conference, allowed us to hold several working meetings — for example, with private investors from the United States and India, co-founder and partner of Swarm Fund Timo Lehes. An interesting meeting took place with institutional investors from Element Capital Group, sponsors of TokenMatch. New contacts are also “turned” into two meetings in Las Vegas at the next event BLOCK SHOW 2018.

The mutual understanding reached with new acquaintances expands our opportunities for product improvement.

We remind you the schedule of the road show:

August 6–14, New York (CryptoBlockCon 2018)
August 15–19, San Francisco (Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2018)
August 20–21, Las Vegas (BLOCKSHOW 2018)
August 22–23, Los Angeles (Blockchain China Connect 2018)
August 24–26, Chicago (Chicago Blockchain Project 2018)

To arrange a meeting, write to private messages or call 1–929–225–5063