How to realize a big profit with cryptocurrencies

The dynamics of the financial markets and the global economy are somewhat hard to understand for the majority of people. They often face the challenge of making the best possible investment or getting the best interest rates from banks. The cryptocurrency industry has been reshaping the financial world, offering people the possibility to earn impressive benefits from their crypto investments.

Lending services have been a driving force behind the success of the banking world since the emerging of banks as we know them today. Accessing fresh funding, without banks, documents, risk management and substantial interest rates — all of this was impossible until the now.

Liquid8 — making blockchain Peer2Peer lending a reality

The concept of blockchain peer-to-peer lending and borrowing has been existing for some time, yet it hasn’t been very accessible and open to the public. At Liqud8, we believe this should change for good.

Traditional banking and fundraising have one big common problem — the lack of flexibility. The bank loan terms are not negotiable, and often the interest rates soar up. If you miss an installment or two, there are high penalty fees, especially on mortgages. In 2017 only, banks have gained ownership of over $10 billion worth of real-estate and agricultural land.

Liquid8’s mission is to change the way people think and act when they lend or borrow money.

We strive to provide people around the world with access to a universal blockchain P2P lending platform for collateral loans. Liquid8’s solution connects lenders and borrowers online, allowing them to negotiate interest fees directly, without the need for a banking system, or a middleman.

Collateral loans work in two main lines — traditional collateral loans and collateral loans with a credit line. The traditional option offers up to 70% of your assets as a loan. The credit line ones give the borrower the chance of getting up to 300% of their asset value. Your assets are used as a “security” for the lender.

What are the benefits of using Liquid8’s platform?

The platform services save borrowers from the high processing fees banks operate with to make a profit. In most cases, banks interest fees reach up to 10%.

Furthermore, Liquid8 offers fast transactions — lending and borrowing money happens in a matter of seconds, not weeks.

The solution offers an entirely new approach to lending and borrowing fiat or digital cash — negotiable interest rates. Alongside that, a dynamic risk profiling tool makes funds sourcing easier and free of unclear credit scoring methods.

There are a number of benefits for lenders — smart contracts and lending protocols make the opportunity of passive income through interest rates a reality. They will also have the chance to “play” with digital assets — they can hold their funds against the volatility of the crypto market.

The creation of Liquid8’s Compensation Pool provides lenders with the security that their funds will be returned in the event of contract disruption due to unforeseen circumstances.

What are the mechanics behind Liquid8’s lending and borrowing processes?

First, the borrower sends a request with the following details:

• amount

• preferred interest rates

• a timeframe of the loan

• the format of the credit — either crypto or fiat currency

The lender can search for borrowers automatically by filtering the provided details, as well as profiling the rating of the borrower. Liquid8’s platform then notifies lenders if a loan request matches their requirements.

How can you transfer the value of your physical assets into digital tokens?

We developed an asset digitalization platform — the Tokenization protocol. This protocol enables real-world assets, like real estate, cars, land, and other property to become tradeable in the global cryptocurrency markets.

Through Tokenization, your assets can be traded across Liquid8’s P2P trading platform, and their value can be liquidized.

Liquid8’s tokenization transforms the way real-estate and other assets are being exchanged. Until now, real estates were traded by brokers, who charge high fees. Now, you have the opportunity to buy or rent a house in a matter of seconds, as well as buy a property at a pace that suits your financial capabilities.