The Concept:

Liquid8 is a decentralized peer-to-peer multi-functional platform aim to revolutionize the digital economy by introducing a digital services platform that offer a complete off-chain and on-chain tokenization protocol to tokenize real-world assets, enabling real-world asset to be represented by digital tokens within the blockchain ecosystem. Tokenized assets can then be exchanged and loaned between platform users via Liquid8's Multi-Asset Wallet.

The Mission:

Liquid8’s mission is to promote financial inclusion, making real-world assets and financial services more accessible and affordable for the general consumers and crypto community.

The Features:

Multi Asset Wallet — Liquid8 presents a simple and convenient solutions for community members to obtain financial services, and to manage and store both crypto assets and tokenized assets directly within our intuitively designed Multi-Asset Wallet.

P2P Social Exchange — Liquid8 connects trading parties in any location within an efficient, secure, transparent and fair environment, allowing crypto to-fiat or crypto-to-crypto transactions based on mutually agreed exchange terms, with any preferred payment method.

P2P Instant Exchange — Liquid8 is developing an Instant exchange protocol with proven technologies to enable smart price-optimizing and liquidity access to major centralized and decentralized exchanges for instant conversion between different crypto assets.

P2P Globalized Lending — Liquid8 offers a revolutionary lending platform that connects fiat-based lending with crypto-based lending via the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts; Creating an efficient, secure and flexible lending environment for both lenders and borrowers.

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