Enjoying the stars while hiking and backpacking can leave you with many things to consider when you are lugging a lot of gear already. Choosing a lightweight but durable and powerful telescope when you want to view the stars and landscapes while you are backpacking is important.

All backpackers and avid hikers know that keeping your gear as light as possible allows for more mobility while climbing mountain sides and maneuvering through the roughest of terrains. If you want to see the stars while hiking, choosing a great lightweight telescope can be difficult, but not impossible.

The Sky-Watcher MAK90

The Sky-Watcher MAK90 has a 90mm aperture lens and is extremely durable but only weighs a slight three pounds. It comes with a table top mount that has a remote controller for ease of viewing shooting stars and even meteor showers.

Has a focal length of twelve hundred and fifty millimeters and a one and a quarter inch ninety-degree image prism with an eight by twenty image finder. The entire telescope and mount fit in an average sized backpack.

Celestron LandScout 60mm

This telescope comes as an actual backpack kit and is extremely lightweight and very easily transported with the tripod included. It has fully coated sixty-millimeter optic lens with a twelve to thirty-six times magnification eyepiece. Check out this other Celestron telescope.

The optic lens provides bright images that are full of contrast for the sharpest of views. Landscapes and stars can be seen from the brightest of days to the darkest of nights when backpacking with the LandScout telescope. After easy assembly of the tripod, it will offer you three hundred and sixty-degree rotations and extra support for longer viewing pleasure.

Meade Instruments ETX 80

The ETX 80 by Meade Instruments is extremely lightweight coming in at a mere nine pounds and has an achromatic refractor aperture eighty millimeter, three and a half inch optical lens. It provides super views that are sharp and bright for all your star gazing desires.

The optical tube can be removed from the computerized mount that has Audio Star capabilities. It comes with a 9.7mm and a twenty-six millimeter eyepiece, and the ETX 80 is durable and powerful to give you the chance to sit under the stars and gaze up at the beauty of the universe on all your hiking adventures.

These three telescopes are extremely lightweight but offer you the best power and durability for all yours backpacking and hiking needs. If you want to see the stars while hiking, then bringing any one of these excellent telescopes along will give you what you desire.


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