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Liquidcash is THE payment method choosen by professionals and companies to achieve fast and secure payments for their jobs, it also include assets in this way the chain can be used for business assets of any type.

We aim to create an immediate network of partner that accept LCASH our partner for now are: MC IT SOLUTION ADVICE (ITA)(MC is a security companies work for decade for protect goverment server and can offer any IT services range from service fruition,web server, crypto service development and security), CRYPTALIA IT PROFESSIONALS (IT)(Criptalia offer service in crypto advice pro tech support high level for server and for crypto world in general) and DL3D printing Center (ITA) (DL3D offer 3D printing services with 3 printers that can print any material in 20x20 size), like other local activities and professionals accepting liquid cash as a compensation for their efforts, often granting a discount on services when working with crypto payments as a support to the project.
We plan to be accessible in the most easy way as you will be able to find LCASH on ATMs such as in crypto markets or websites selling packs of Lcash you will use to pay for your needs.

Technically, we choosed x21s algo to grant agility and security, transactions will be fast with 25 seconds to generate a new block and 30 confirmations will secure chain from malicious attempts…. but most of all moving lcash will be only a matter of seconds.

Fast & Secure transactions will be possible from official mobile wallet and other famous (and reliable) crypto wallets where we will be included.


Q1 2020 -listing first exchange
- build explorer
- build mac wallet
- build mobile wallet
- build website
Q2 2020 -listing on major volume exchange
- publish company collaborations
- release first asset
- company rebrand
Q3 2020
- availability on ATM
- availability on visa/crypto platform -listing on one top 10 exchange

Liquidcash coin

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