BancorX Cross-Chain Liquidity Network Goes Live on EOS

As blockchain platforms continue to proliferate, their inability to communicate with one another has locked up value in disparate silos, creating a fragmented ecosystem which scares away potential users. A cross-chain solution enabling the free flow of financial information across distinct blockchains is a key piece of infrastructure that has been missing from the space. Until now.

LiquidEOS alongside Bancor is excited to launch BancorX, a cross-chain liquidity network bridging between EOS and Ethereum.

  • No transaction fees (as opposed to gas on Ethereum which can reach upwards of $50)
  • No front-running risk (EOS transactions are not prioritized by gas fees as they are on Ethereum)

EOS Block Producer in Israel with the goal of creating solutions to increase mainnet efficiency, security and scalability. EOS BP voting name: eosliquideos

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