LiquidEOS has a new digital home

Dec 11, 2018 · 2 min read

While the EOS community was gearing up for the mainnet launch in early June, LiquidEOS launched with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of EOS. Since then, LiquidEOS has been heads down producing blocks, improving infrastructure and building dApps. Our products cater to users across the EOS stack, including BPs, developers and users.

BP-designated products designed by LiquidEOS

Today we are excited to launch our new website which sets our sights even higher. EOS is evolving and so are we. Aside from ensuring maximum network performance on the mainnet, LiquidEOS is working on accelerating mass user adoption of decentralized applications through our R&D center, think tank and community building initiatives.

EOS already has significantly more daily active dApp users than Ethereum, making it a natural choice to emerge as ‘the home of dApps’. However, the network is still in its infancy and many crucial developments are needed before EOS can truly carry out its promise. In the next few weeks, LiquidEOS will announce new products that we believe will make EOS that much more ready for primetime.

We feel privileged to be a part of such a dynamic & innovative community, and we will continue to play our part in bringing scalable decentralized technologies to the masses.

The LiquidEOS Team


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