LiquidEOS Innovation Report

Since the launch of EOS mainnet we’ve already seen tremendous progress across the board — a more collaborative governance and compliance philosophy, a surge in dApp development, and widespread cooperation throughout the EOS community on a variety of issues. Over the past four months, the team at LiquidEOS has been hard at work on a variety of initiatives that we hope will help contribute to further strengthening the EOS ecosystem.

EOS Voting Portal:

This simple and secure web voting interface integrates with Scatter and allows you to easily cast your vote each week for your favorite Block Producers (BPs).



EOS Voting App:

This standalone desktop application provides you an extra level of security via an application that runs outside of the browser, and allows you to vote for your BP candidates without potential reach of toolbars, botnets and other unknown actors.

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DIY EOS Hardware Wallet:

Developed together with Scatter, this step-by-step will guide on building your own EOS hardware wallet securely stores and transfers your EOS tokens.

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Hardware Wallet

The Heartbeat:

The Heartbeat is a plugin that sends out a “heartbeat transaction” every few minutes, automating the sharing of key data amongst BPs also alerts a standby BP in the event that they are voted into a top 21 slot. Previously, these actions were done manually and prone to frequent errors and delays.

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The Hearbeat

The Watchdog:

The Watchdog is a script for automatically unregistering a BP when it stops producing. A BP who runs the Watchdog tool will be automatically removed from the schedule if an issue to their production is identified. Once the issue is resolved, they can re-register themselves and return to the schedule, all with minimal impact on the continuity of the chain.

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BancorX will allow users to buy and sell EOS tokens directly on the EOS blockchain — with no deposits, no central servers storing tokens, and no need to match buyers with sellers for the most continuous and accessible liquidity. LiquidEOS partnered with Bancor to port the Bancor Network smart contracts to EOS.

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The dApp Network:

The dApp Network, comprised of a registry contract and web-based explorer, using a combination of IPFS and EOSIO technology that allows developers to run truly decentralized, end-to-end applications all the way from their frontend UI to their backend ledger and smart contracts.

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The dApp Network


EOSCraft is a fun, interactive adventure game and one of the first games to run on EOS. Click here to play


RabbitMQ Plugin for EOS:

RabbitMQ is an open source message broker software based on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) it is used by developers as a reliable queue or as a publisher/subscribe mechanism.


Coming soon…

LiquidEOS is committed to contributing new ideas aimed at driving the development & adoption of EOS. And this is just the beginning! The LiquidEOS team, together with Bancor, are excited to be offering cross-chain token conversion functionality between EOS and Ethereum in the near future. This advancement will allow for instant liquidity between all ERC-20 and EOS tokens on Bancor’s liquidity network. Stay tuned for more updates soon and, as always, if you have any feedback, ideas, or thoughts we’d love to hear from you and support your developments as well.

To liquidity and far beyond,
The LiquidEOS Team

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