LiquidEOS Ownership Disclosure

4 min readAug 2, 2018

TEL AVIV, Israel — August 2, 2018- LiquidEOS ownership disclosure.

LiquidEOS Ltd., a privately owned limited liability company in Israel, is proud to share with the community its list of primary shareholders.

LiquidEOS wishes to specify that as of the date of this release, LiquidEOS has nine shareholders, of which the primary shareholders are listed below. No other person or entity has, nor is entitled to receive, any right to hold or receive ownership rights in LiquidEOS.

Also, currently and for technical reasons, all shares in LiquidEOS are held by Eyal Hertzog in trust for all other shareholders (thus the official registries do not reflect the actual beneficiaries as listed below). Our legal team is filing the official documentation to the relevant Israeli authorities to adjust the official registries in order to reflect the actual beneficiaries as listed below. We will update this post once the official registries have been updated.

LiquidEOS’ shareholders holding 10% or more:

Eyal Hertzog- Eyal is a Co-Founder and Product Architect at Bancor. He has been a leader in the cryptocurrency and Internet industries for the last two decades. Prior to his role at Bancor, Eyal founded a leading video site called MetaCafe as well as one of the first social networks in the world,
Registered shareholder name: Eyal will hold his shares through his Israeli private company named Robi Ventures IL Ltd.

Beni Hakak- Beni is the CEO of LiquidEOS and the Director of Operations at Bancor. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, and has served in management roles for leading finance firms and startups in financial, operations and business strategy capacities prior to his roles in Bancor and LiquidEOS.

Registered shareholder name: Beni will hold his shares through his Israeli private company named Mithril Alliance Ltd.

Galia Benartzi- Galia is the Head of Business Development at Bancor. She is heavily involved in the technology and community development sectors, and has founded a number of tech related companies and initiatives in both Silicon Valley and Israel, as an entrepreneur, advisor and Venture Capitalist. She is a leading figure in the crypto world, and has been active in her support of Israeli technology and ventures as well as women and diversity in the space.

Registered shareholder name: Galia will hold her shares through her Israeli private company named Queens Landing Ltd.

Yudi Levi- CTO. He has co founded numerous tech startups and has been involved in venture backed technology for over 15 years. Yudi leads the technology creation team at Bancor, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge from a variety of sectors through his entrepreneurial and advisory roles.

Registered shareholder name: Yudi will hold his shares through his Israeli private company named Drangleic Ltd.

Shimon Erlichman- Shimon serves as a Director for LiquidEOS and a senior advisor for Bancor, and has over 25 years of top management, strategic and technological experience. Previously, he was the CEO of FTK Technologies Ltd. Before that, he served as the director and investment committee member of The Trendlines Group Ltd. Prior thereto, Shimon was the chief technology officer of one of Israel’s key government organizations.

Registered shareholder name: Shimon will hold his shares through his Israeli private company named StarSENS Ltd.

Guy Benartzi- Co-founder of Bancor, Guy oversees Bancor’s business strategy and operations. Prior to his role at Bancor, Guy co founded four consumer Internet application companies and also served as their CEO through their acquisitions. Guy has been actively involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency for a number of years as an early adopter, entrepreneur, investor and advisor.

Registered shareholder name: Guy will hold his shares through his Israeli private company named My Ella Ltd.

LiquidEOS would like to invite all BPs and BP Candidates to follow our and others’ lead in providing the community with full disclosure regarding their shareholders, including any unregistered rights or undertakings to grant any such rights (such as options, warrants, or other instruments) in order to create the most trustworthy foundation for our nascent and growing ecosystem. It is on these foundations that a healthy and thriving blockchain community can take shape, and we look forward to being positive agents for progress alongside our peers.




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