5 Best Steps When Applying Epoxy Floor Coatings

It is always right and just to follow a precautionary measure when doing something especially when expecting a long-term use. It pays to be careful and sure at times. So here’s a guide in helping you with your application of epoxy floor coatings.

Below are the 5 Best Steps When Applying Epoxy Floor Coating:

Step 1: Floor Preparation.

It is substantial in preparing the surface before applying the epoxy coating. This will make the coat bond properly to the concrete. Run a thorough cleaning, getting rid of dirt, dust, grease, oils and debris and more that is critical in the life of the floor coat. Some preparation are made mechanically such as diamond grinding.

Step 2: Cleaning up Residue

After preparing the concrete surface it is obvious that dust and grinding residues will be present. This time we can use a thorough sweeping and an industrial vacuum to pick up small dust particles. Otherwise dust particles will be trapped within the coat and would decrease its durability.

Step 3: First Coat Application

Once the floor is cleaned, then it is ready for the first coat application of epoxy. Some uses epoxy primer with A and B component. Properly mix the two components for at least 2 minutes. Apply using a good quality roller then let it dry for 24 hours. You may notice that various problems may appear such as cracks or holes. Don’t let your second coat be done without sealing it.

Step 4: Final Coat Application

Make sure that the concrete surface are all dried up after the first coat. Holes and cracks have been sealed before applying the last one. Then apply urethane top coat for best protection.

Step 5: Marking off the Area

This may sound absurd but marking off the area would prevent anyone to walk on it while it is still on the process of curing or drying.

One way to ensure that you get great results with your new epoxy floor is to trust the work to professionals who have the equipment and experience to the job right. Contact us today or visit our website liquidfloors.com.

If you followed the above mentioned steps then expect the best result.