NOCUST is the construct at the core of Liquidity Network payment hubs. A few months ago the team wrote an academic paper describing how it works. More importantly, we formalized and demonstrated its security properties. Formalism is very important to be convinced that these layer 2 constructs work. Unfortunately, it is something that many of the teams in the Blockchain space have neglected. However, academic papers are often difficult to read and often only accessible to technical researchers.

In this blog post we will explain the basics of NOCUST so anyone, with only a small amount of knowledge about Ethereum…

Issue 7 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 16th November 2018. 中文版。

Dear Community,

Welcome to the 7th issue of the Liquidity Network newsletter, this fortnight includes important updates encompassing all areas of the business. Over the past two weeks, the team has been incredibly busy attending events and conferences showcasing Liquidity’s capabilities and promoting our SDK to fellow developers. We have also been working on expanding our partnerships with exchanges and are now listed on the UEX Exchange.

Devcon being possibly the most important event of the year was a highlight for the team, here we engaged with other projects…

Tell us what do you think about Liquidity Network?

Like our Liquidity Network Facebook page then post a message (max 100 words) on your own Facebook page tag @liquiditynet with hashtag #nowei #liquiditynet and finally send us private message at @liquiditynet on Facebook with your ETH address

As we have always stated the Community is our priority here at Liquidity and we want to get to know you all a little better, for this reason we launched our #2 Community Competition to discover where are you around the globe. …

Such pretty locations!

Over the past week many of you have let us know where in the world you are by entering the Liquidity Network #2 Community Competition. A huge thank you to the community for taking the time to participate and giving us an insight to the worldwide reach of Liquidity Network. We have been amazed and fascinated by the diversity of our community. The Liquidity team have excitedly viewed all submissions and now chosen their top ten winners!

#2 Community Competition

The winners!

The #2LiquidityWinner is @0_Bart_0 with a picture from the Netherlands

Issue 6 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 1st November 2018. 中文版。

Dear Community,

Our Newsletter this fortnight includes important updates and announcements covering all areas of the business. Firstly and somewhat most importantly the long-awaited token distribution took place on October 22, 3pm CEST and the team are delighted to announce that the LQD token is now tradable on LATOKEN, Hotbit, Bilaxy, and IDEX exchanges. Together with the token distribution, we announced the new mainnet version of the Liquidity Network hub, up and running under and the off-chain ERC 20 support.

We were delighted to take part in another…

Take A Picture Of Where You Are In The World Including The Liquidity Network App And Win Up To 1000 LQD

Download the Liquidity Network App on Android or iOS. Choose your location and take your picture, then share on Twitter using hashtags #NoWei #LiquidityNet and send us a private message at @liquiditynet with your ETH wallet address.

As you may have already guessed the Community is our priority here at Liquidity and we want to get to know you all a little better, we want to know where in the world you are? …

How does our Prague Blockchain Week look like and other events in between

Another busy blockchain week with another awesome location is starting and we are more that excited to be part of it. Our adventure in Prague starts with the hackathons of our fiends from Winding Tree and Status, and continues with Devcon4, DeFi Summit and the Layer 2 meetup. The grand finale will be on the 2nd of November when we thought that some becherovka and tonic (a traditional Czech drink!) won’t hurt, so we organized Scalability Drinks party together with FBG Capital.

Winding Tree Hackathon

Hack the travel sounds like a challenge, and we have some good ideas on how to bring off-chain…

October 22, 3pm CEST the LQD token is listed on LATOKEN and Hotbit exchanges

Dear Community,

The long awaited day of token distribution arrived and we are excited to announce that the LQD token will be tradable starting from October 22, 3pm CEST on the LATOKEN and Hotbit exchanges.

Listing on LATOKEN and Hotbit

LATOKEN and Hotbit will be the first exchanges to list the LQD token where our community will have the chance to buy LQD in both BTC and ETH trading pairs.

Follow the steps illustrated below to create an account on LATOKEN:

Unrestricted Mainnet Transfers & ERC20 support

We have a new mainnet version of the Liquidity Network hub up and running under

The new mainnet version offers two important new features:

  • Unrestricted transaction amounts for off-chain assets
  • Off-chain ERC20 support

Specifically, billfold supports currently the unrestricted transfers of:

  • ETH/Liquid ETH
  • LQD/Liquid LQD

Token Usage

LQD is a payment and utility token within the Liquidity Network that can be used as a means of payment to purchase service level agreements.

Service Level Agreements

A vanilla wallet can perform up to 10 transactions at zero-gas fees within 36 hours. …

Issue 5 of the Liquidity Network Newsletter, 19 October 2018. 中文版。

Dear Community

Over the past two months, we have strived to bring you the most important and exciting updates encompassing all areas of development and community progression. During this period some of Liquidity Network’s achievements include mainnet release, a stable wallet app available on Android and iOS and the successful launch of Achievement.Network and Canvas.Liquidity. Issue 5 continues to be just as exciting and possibly the most jam-packed issue to date.

Importantly we are excited to announce the LQD token Release Plan, the planned unlock date is the 22nd…

Liquidity Network

Blockchain based payment hub platform offering zero-fee, instant transfers. Supports the exchange of digital assets, scales like a bank but doesn’t hold funds.

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