What is an engagement plan and why you need one?

Engagement is essential for building trust and long-term relationships that support your business. Relationships matter and an engagement plan will help you manage the process. If you don’t engage and nurture your relationships online how will your community get to know you? How will you build trust?

Research shows 86% of consumers say loyalty is driven by likeability and 83% of consumers believe it’s trust. So, if you’re looking to improve customer loyalty and grow your business, building trust and forming strong bonds with your community is a must. The more attention you give, the greater the impact.

Community expectations

Your community expects you to engage with them on social media. They crave your attention and want you to be available to answer their questions and to support them on their journey. They’re looking for the same level of service they’d receive from you offline.

In today’s business environment, your clients are seeking a seamless customer experience and to remain relevant you must engage to survive.

Your engagement plan

Client conversations are happening now and they’ll continue whether you choose to participate or not. By listening and participating, you’ll establish and develop relationships and collect valuable data and insights that once implemented, will boost your customer service and the customer experience.

You will learn and grow significantly simply by listening and participating in meaningful conversations online. Celebrate the good, embrace the negative and look for the opportunities these experiences create.

I love this quote from Bill Gates: ‘Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning’ — Bill Gates

Your number one priority must be to incorporate an engagement plan into your social strategy so the time you spend on social media is community focused and effective.

When you’re developing your engagement plan take the time to ask your self these six questions:

  • How will I listen to my community?
  • How will I engage with my community?
  • What would I most like to learn about?
  • How will I monitor conversations and discussions online?
  • What will I do with the data and insights I’ve learned?
  • How can I support my community with the data and insights I’ve learned?

Be curious and look for ways to contribute to conversations that will allow you to connect with your audience meaningfully while at the same time providing you with valuable insights that will allow you to better support your community and your business.

People respond and remember others who show GENUINE interest in them. By genuine, I mean consistent conversations and meaningful interactions over a long period of time. Not a random like, retweet or one simple conversation. If you want to build customer loyalty and be successful on social media, you must be in it for the long-term and make the decision to invest in your people.

Social media is about serving your community and if you can find ways to create an extraordinary experience, they will invest in you.

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