Apple is about to do something their programmers definitely don’t want.
Anil Dash

A lot of programmers also tend to be the self-sacrificing type. They just want to help people solve problems. An open floor, for me at least, means people will ask for help with small things, and I’d say yes, because I do not easily say no to helping another person. This could be my own flaw/lack of assertiveness, but even when I say no, it distracts me, I automatically start thinking off a solution with just the premise off the request.

There’s also the fact, that if anyone can watch, people subconciously will often conform to “what’s normal”. Give them a private space, so they can play the “mad scientist”, and try out un-proven methods or solutions. The next big thing might happen.

Doesn’t matter if you have money, or talk well. This falls not in the domain of tech, but in the domain of *psychology*. You can’t just decide how a brain works through ages of evolution, by just saying “try it”. It can work, due to the brain being that amazing, but you lose potential hours off time just because you want people to smile to each other.

I mean, that’s not even a smart choice from a business perspective. Why are staff meetings in closed rooms, and not in the middle off a marketplace, why are examinations taken place in a open space, but with enforced silence.

We simply concentrate better in a private or pseudo private climate. This is how it has always been, and you can’t just challenge mother nature to figurative duel like that. You will lose.

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