Announcing the launch of the easiest and most liquid way to trade cryptocurrencies and our new partnership with Totle

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Today, weʼre thrilled to announce the launch of Liquidswap, the new decentralized crypto exchange which is the first DEX able to compete with the largest centralized exchanges on user experience, price and liquidity.

Liquidswap is a single source of DEX liquidity. By connecting all top decentralized exchanges in a completely trustless and non custodial way, Liquidswap provides the best price and liquidity directly to your (hardware) wallet.

At Liquidswap we believe that a decentralized financial system will become the World’s standard and this transformation might go faster than most people can imagine.

All mistakes being made in the current financial system today will catapult society to decentralized solutions that give back power and sovereignty to the majority of people. …

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We are very excited to introduce Charles J Read (@charlesjreads) as the newest member of the Liquidswap team.

Charles believes in supporting grassroots projects that help drive decentralized technologies. He has worked with top tier DLT teams and crafted multiple user acquisition strategies for dApps.

With experience on token economic modelling, business development and user acquisition we believe Charles will add considerable momentum to the impending Liquidswap launch.

Liquidswap is the first DEX that beats centralized exchanges with price and liquidity and plans to release public BETA in the following weeks. By connecting all top decentralized exchanges on chain, Liquidswap offers high liquidity directly to your (hardware) wallet.

Follow us on twitter for more announcements and signup for our beta here: https://liquidswap.com

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