The Work Platform of the Future and What It Means for You

Imagine a working world that enabled you to promote and be compensated for the skills that you had. Imagine being able to search a pool of highly talented multi-dimensional professionals who were available and eager to work on meaningful income-generating projects — through your phone.

Up until this point in economic history we have had a vocational structure that has stultified human potential rather than incubating and harvesting it. The economy has by and large always been an either-or proposition: you can either have benefits or a life; you can make money or have balance. But you could never have it all.

We have effectively built an economic structure that has only been able to support one dimension of human potential due to our own technological and cognitive limitations when in fact our potential as humans is multi-dimensional — dare I say, even limitless.

The economy is changing fast and we as working professionals are becoming much more aware of finding meaning in our work. We realize that we have choices and we are taking the time to see how they unfold. As such we are architecting mental opportunity-cost charts that allow us to evaluate how our time is best spent and what upcoming opportunities we should leave ourselves open for.

Moreover, as we become more self-aware, and as more people develop their appetites for risk, there’s a concomitant need to develop a holistic career that allows us to utilize the majority of our talents in earning our income. As an individual, I may earn my living in business, but my skills are not limited to just one trade. If I used to be a writer, for example, then why should I not also be able to derive income from copy writing in my free time? After all, it’s not I who becomes a different person or somehow modularly acquires a new persona. I merely access a different skill set in my proverbial tool belt and use different techniques that I’ve acquired over the years separate from my business skills.

Life is fluid in this way. An individual talent should be able to wake up and apply for the opportunities that best fit her opportunity-cost curve for the day, which is based on a multitude of things–such as how one’s feeling, what one’s doing next week, and whether one’s looking to exercise creativity or do something simpler. And as a project manager, someone looking to hire individuals or groups of talented people to help complete a varied set of tasks, that manager should be able to access that talent through an online, ever-present portal of availability, mutual connection, and skill set to be able to hire people as quickly as possible.

Welcome to this new world where mobile and web platforms will reward individuals for their comprehensive skills sets; platforms that allow work to be truly fluid — to allow opportunities and talent to flow together, just like the water of which we as humans are roughly 65% composed.

For the human body which is so fluid in nature, we have been living in a world that gravely limits our liquidity. This dam of human potential has limited our happiness, our meaning and our ability to be fully realized as individuals.

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. The economic structures of the past have interminably supported our feelings of despair and have for far too long given us reason to not live out our true potential. The platforms of the future, like LiquidTalent, will truly revolutionize the way we connect and work together and reveal and cultivate the inexhaustible troves of latent potential within us humans once and for all.

- Scott Annan || COO + Co-Founder || @aimbitious || || @LiquidTalent