Liquidus App — Development Update August 2022

We are happy to share our latest app development progress with our community.
Some new cool features have been made available to our closed beta tester group. The Liquidus app development is progressing steadily, and we can’t wait to share new features soon.

The full list of new features in the August 2022 update:

- Sort tokens on the main wallet page after market cap or A-Z
- Option to hide zero balance tokens, show all tokens, or show only top 20 tokens

- You can now minimize transactions and they will appear in the Pending history screen.
- The app checks in the background if the transaction is successful and sends notifications.
- History transactions get displayed in a clear format like “Swap 10 USDT to BNB” with involved token logos, instead of “Smart contract interaction” on other apps
- View history of transactions on the token detail page per token.
Easily send the same transaction again. Transaction history has a button “Send again”.

- Speed up pending transactions with our easy to use options “+25%, +50%, +75%” more gas. Or set it manually by entering a gas price and limit for our advanced users.
- Cancel pending transactions with one click.

- Set low, medium or high gas fees for swaps.
- Or set gas limit and gas price yourself.

- If you enter a wrong PIN code more than 5 times, the app gets locked for two minutes. The timer uses BNB Chain to check on a block that will be mined two minutes later. This ensures that you can’t go around the timer by changing your phone’s time.
- Block users on Android to make screenshots from their seed phrase. Not possible on iOS. Everyone should write down their seed phrase on paper for best security.

- Updated network names
- Smaller font size of settings page
- Swap percentage buttons not visible completely

Your Liquidus developers and team



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