Well, isn’t that the multi-trillion dollar question.

Let’s explore — shall we?

What makes the public markets operate the way they do? If you click “sell” in your Robinhood account, that sale is immediately processed and settled in a couple of days. I’d say that’s pretty efficient.

It comes down to two things: transparency and systems.

Public companies are required to disclose certain information, so everyone has access to the information they need to make an informed investment decision (in theory). When companies list their stock to be traded on an exchange, they comply with both the SEC’s rules and…

Our team set out to make buying and selling private company stock easy. We make buying easy through our investment management software products at Venture360, and we make selling easy through our newest products here at LIQUIFI.

LIQUIFI is different in that we power custom markets created by the issuers themselves with built-in tools to help them comply with secondary trading regulations. We can’t “make” someone compliant, but we can help with technology to navigate the regulations.

We’ve seen a lot of hype these days about creating liquidity by tokenizing securities. The only thing that creates liquidity for an asset…


We build markets for trading private company stock.

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