Millions of Software Engineers are Caged.

Silicon Valley’s most valuable assets are its talents. But there is a wall between foreign talent and employers. Corporations don’t want to spend the time and money on the visa headache. As result, corporations in Silicon Valley are losing talent.

Using statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s projected that 1.4 million positions will be open in computing with only 400,000 computer science grads. Foreign talents remain unseen behind the iron bars of the misconception. An estimated 1 million technology jobs will go unfilled by 2020.
PassRight is after this market! This alarm comes with good intentions, aiming to nurture more engineers through education and immigration reform. But Immigration reform in the Trump Era is far from reality.

We figured out that there is an alternative way to help corporations and also anchor PassRight as the problem solver.

The Problem is Rooted at The DEAD H-1B Visa.

H-1B is the only process utilized by corporations today to obtain hirings of foreign talents/developers.

Today the problem is the fact that H-1B is the only scalable vehicle for corporations to bring foreign developers & talents to the U.S. Unfortunately, H-1B is capped at 85,000 applications with over 260,000 applications submitted each year. H-1B happens once a year in April and is a nightmare for corporations because it’s not only expensive, but it takes another 6 months for applicants to get their work permits, which are usually given in October (6 months after the H-1B lottery).

PassRight Has Found The Solution

Our mission is to become THE point of passage for “breaking the walls” between corporations and foreign talents.

We are the first tech-enabled immigration company that works with a law firm that has automated O-1 visa. O-1 is the new H-1B. We also work with a talent agency that sponsors O-1 candidates to help those who are talented but don’t have a sponsor yet.

Unlike H-1B, there is no cap for O-1 and each of the developers needed in the U.S today can qualify for O-1. Up until today, corporations were reluctant to use O-1 because of the time it takes, the cost it carries and the uncertainty of the screening process. There is also a liability factor.

PassRight streamlines O-1 candidates throughout the automated platform, sponsoring them and handing them on a silver plate back to the HR department.

We do this using:

1. Our technology
2. Our exclusive affiliated immigration law firm
3. Our exclusive O-1 agency

Within 30–45 days we hand corporations approved O-1 candidates that can get started at their work immediately and for a fraction of the cost & time.

Our vision for PassRight is to create the first nationwide brand for immigration law services and a tech-enabled law firm that’s making it less painful for the applicant and more scalable for our attorneys.

Our attorneys + software have proved to be 6X more efficient than the traditional law firm. This allows us to cut down the costs for visa applications.

Meet the Founders of The Tech Team & the Legal Team

So, what exactly is PassRight? Enter two legal entities, (Shop Immigration’s C-Corp) & McGettrick Law PLLC, Law Firm (hereinafter, “The PassRights”).

“The PassRights” in a nutshell: Two separate, but both important entities.

McGettrick Law PLLC is an immigration law firm with quality immigration lawyers focused on high-end client representation for 80% of their workday. Critically, the other 20% is focused on testing, integrating and providing feedback on legal technology designed by the C-Corp which provides legal technology solutions. McGettrick Law PLLC’s goal, modestly, is to be the largest and smartest immigration law firm in the U.S.

PassRight C-Corp builds tools and technologies for its sister law firm McGettrick Law PLLC. Given the growth rate we’ve been experiencing, it seems that in the near future, PassRight will have to commercialize it’s tech products to more law firms.

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