Entering the paradise of dreams where my being is divided like drops of the same sea… and even when I’m so scattered I see every dream.

I’m in a house where I see large columns, are white and beautifully crafted that hold a large terrace full of flowers. Then the columns come together forming a staircase that lights up. I don’t know whether to go down or up. I look down the green glows and hear a laugh from a man, I’m curious, I think he laughs at me. I decide to go down the stairs watching, following the sound of those laughter that already start to annoy me. There is the man, lying on a big couch, looking at me sideways ready to scrutinize what he can get from me.

He asks me,

-Why so afraid? Why do you think so much? Do you know how long you’ve lost?

I responded,

-I learned not to get carried away by the impulse, so I am cautious, is not fear is caution.

The man asks me,

-And what are you afraid of?

I answered him,

-I don’t know who you are.

He asks me,

-And why did you come down the stairs when you heard my laughter?

I answered him,


Then he points out to me saying,

-Ahhh that’s impulsive, right?

That led me to think…

Impulsiveness and curiosity is the same? Curiosity has led me to scrutinize and to act impulsively. Yes, I often act more out of curiosity. When I was a child several people and friends called me “and why? “, that became my name, so they shut me up and I asked no more. So I realized that this man in the dream already knew how to attract me, with the curiosity of what I do not know, with the curiosity of what’s new for me. And there is some danger in that and there the why of fear, has been my experience. Wow it’s my nature!

I decided to go back and up the stairs but did not find that terrace full of flowers where I had entered, but I kept climbing each step hoping to find it. I thought I’d come down again but the steps faded as I went up, I had to keep climbing. I could decide to stop but I would stay in the nothing and did not want that, good only to rest, but not too much as I would remain as inert in life. Then I thought I heard a flap like when a bird tries to fly, something like that. I arrived, yes, to a very white place without walls, even so a beautiful bluish sky looked. The flutter was a white dove that could not fly because it had its right wing crooked. I tried to take it in my hands with the intention of helping it, do not allow me, alone is the dove struggling, against whom? The dove struggled against itself trying to straighten her wing.

I watched the dove at a distance so it wouldn’t be frightened. The dove got tired of fighting and dropped its wings also the body and rested, surrendered to its misery without knowing that was its happiness because when it surrendered to the fatigue its wings relaxed and it slept. Then I passed my hands gently on the wings… I felt the wound… I felt the thorn. My hands lit up and faded into the white dove where I could not distinguish between these, saw only a light that wrapped those. Suddenly my fingers were transformed into feathers then my arms to my shoulders converted in wings, illuminating my heart felting a great expansion of love.

Suddenly I opened my eyes… and smiled because I had seen God.