Cold-calling/emailing/LinkedIning is never said to be recommended for founders. I’ve heard advice from multiple investors saying to always ask for an intro and avoid reaching out cold at all costs.

For a long time, I thought I was the only one who responds to (and likes!) cold-emails. However, it seems that an increasing number of investors are growing more fond of cold-outreaches. And so, I believe it’s not the cold-outreach itself that’s wrong, its how most founders do it.

Email is best, LinkedIn is second best

I mostly read my emails on my computer during the workday, which is also…

Every investor you meet is likely to refer to herself as a value add investor. Some funds have even built their brand around their ability to support founders with much more than funds.

In an attempt to understand the (potential) gap between what founders want and what investors offer, I’ve conducted two short surveys — one for investors and one for founders.

For this post, I wanted to avoid answers that are too ambitious or unrealistic, and to show how investors are helping right now, not how they might help in the future. …

Even before joining the VC world, the most common complaint I heard about investors was that they never call to say ‘No’, or take months before doing so.

Becoming a VC myself, I swore if I can only do one thing right — it would be giving every founder I decide not to invest in a properly reasoned ‘No’ — delivered over the phone.

I mean, how hard can that be?

Since then, I learned an interesting truth about that ‘No’ and what makes it so hard to deliver. I hope some founders benefit from hearing our side, and maybe…

A lot has been written about mistakes founders make in fundraising. The large mistakes — while hard to avoid — are very easy to notice.

In this post, I’d like to shed some light on the smaller, less obvious mistakes I see founders make — the ones easier to fix.

Speak in superlatives

Stating you have 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry tells an investor nothing except about how old you are, and describing yourself (or a co-founder) as a “creative genius” or an “incredible sales-person” doesn’t provide her with enough information to assess your team either. …

With the company’s emergence from stealth mode, we at Meron Capital are thrilled to finally share one of our newest and most exciting investments: Lumigo.

In one sentence, Lumigo is a revolutionary Serverless architecture platform that allows developers to gain visibility over their application, making configuration and analysis easier.

In order to make this vision a reality, Lumigo raised a mega-seed of $8m, led by Pitango with participation from Grove Ventures and yours truly.

The biggest driver for the size of this round was the people involved in it. First and foremost — the Lumigo team. Erez and Aviad spent…

Liron Azrielant

Venture Capitalist, productivity enthusiast, recovering mathematician and a newly-minted mom

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