Envisioning the program structure of Reach Global

If you read and understood the idea behind reach global, here’s the breakdown of sessions I envision the course to have.

If you ended up landing on this page with no context, start by reading more here.

Session #1, meant to help group members to get to know each other, understand and learn to use basic principles used throughout the course and beyond.
Session #2: based on perspective taking and empathy building. Considering implementing a VR element. Bringing up points of contention.
Session #3, synthesis of learning and creating a cornerstone document that will enable group members to draw from the points raised to create moderate content beyond the course.

As you can see above, the plan is to have 3 online sessions. These are initial ideas that will be further developed as the project progresses.

I would love to hear inputs and thoughts either by commenting below or reaching out via email: lironnealice@gmail.com