The Slack DM etiquette your busy coworkers wish you’d follow

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When you start a new DM conversation on Slack, the proper etiquette is to send a complete message with enough information for your coworker to reply to or take action on. A complete message looks like this:

Tom: Hey Liron, is it cool if Gil from sales takes the client out to dinner on the company card? What’s the max we can reimburse? Here’s a link to the sales team’s procedure document, maybe we can give them some general guidance on how to handle these situations. [Link]

If Tom is gracious enough to send me a complete message like this, I can reply with a quick “Sure, $500”. Or I can smoothly turn it into a longer discussion: “Hmm, how many of our clients are we planning to do these dinners with?” …

The evolutionary leap that only a small fraction of startups manage to make

In pondering the Fermi paradox, the confusing fact that humans seem to be the only intelligent life in the observable universe, a popular theory first published by Robin Hanson asserts the existence of an evolutionary leap that’s extremely rare for any species to make. The “Great Filter” is Hanson’s term for this species-killing leap. Check out WaitButWhy’s explanation for more details.

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Let’s talk about another Great Filter: the Great Filter of Startups. It’s the evolutionary leap that only a small fraction of startups manage to make. Do you know what I’m referring to?

The Great Filter of Startups is having zero users because you never create value for a single user. …

Here’s the simple process we use to manage projects at my company. You can use it to manage anything.

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What’s a Project?

A project is an outcome we commit to achieving that requires our team’s effort and attention.

A project has one primary owner. The owner is accountable for completing the project, according to its acceptance criteria, by the due date.


A milestone is a partial piece of a project. …


Liron Shapira

Founder/CEO of Relationship Hero

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