Cancer Fighting Mushrooms? Yep.

Lis Carpenter
Dec 3, 2019 · 4 min read

I bookmarked this article on cancer-fighting mushrooms months ago. Articles like this one are filed away in my Google Drive folder on health foods that are either dubbed “superfoods” or cancer-fighters.

Photo by Phoenix Han on Unsplash

I’ve never been a fan mushrooms on the dinner plate. I don’t really like them paired with vegetables either. I know there are quite a few expensive varieties that I have never tried that some of you will recommend, but I’m not going out and buying them. If you wanna cook them up and invite me over, I MIGHT eat them though.


First up, the reshi mushroom, or “the mushroom of immortality,” sounds a lot cooler that way, right? So, this bad boy got it’s honorable moniker from it’s ability to strengthen to immune system and put you in a zen-like state. What does it do, specifically?

It aids in activating the body’s natural killer (NK) cells that have the job of looking for unwelcomed guests (like viruses, fungi, bacteria) and mutated cells (cancer). You’ll have to read the research on it, but also improves immune function in other ways.

Remember, a healthy immune system is the only thing that defeats cancer. Reshi has been shown to be effective against over five types of cancers and is in the running for a “complementary therapy” to traditional treatments (surgery, radiation, and chemo).


Like Reishi, maitake mushrooms have compounds that interact with your natural killer (NK) cells to make them a little bit more alert, awake, on guard. I have read that the mutant cells (cancer) secrete substances to hide their location in the body. Sounds gnarly (and unlikely in my opinion, but I’m no oncologist).

This mushroom can be used in slowing or blocking tumor growth and inducing cancer apoptosis (such a fun word for ‘bad cell suicide’).


Next we have the agaricus blazei murill mushroom. I’m sure the Japanese have a better name for this one than that!

So, there was a study in Tokyo where they injected some guinea pigs with cancerous cells (pay close attention here if you’re a fan of getting injections for “flu prevention” etc., and haven’t noticed that governments do experiments on civilians and military — see The Syphylis Experiment).

And, note that some of the people in Africa have been attacking visiting healthcare workers that come bringing them vaccines because they noticed that the vaccines were making them sick, and sterile… just saying.

Okay, back to the research now. 90% of those innocent lab test animals recover fully from the cancer, and researchers rejoice. They have tested the agaricus blazei murill for reducing chemo side effects and boosting interferon (protector cells) and macrophage (killer cells). It also helps reduce recurrence of cancers by keeping the immune system strong.


Extracts from turkey tail mushrooms have been used in fighting cancer for over 40 years in Japan, apparently. Extracts were patented by drug companies to profit off the discovery (because foods and plants in their natural states cannot be patented).

If you understand the health-promoting benefits of whole foods or whole herbs, then you will get why isolating parts of plants or foods is generally a bad idea.

Turkey tail mushroom combats nasty viruses like hepatitis C that can cause cancers.

Do you get the process? The virus introduces it’s code into your cells which mutates them, and then you have the viral DNA causing all kinds of problems unless it’s stopped by your immune system (which the mushroom aids).

Credit: The Truth About Cancer


Dong Ching Xia Cao or cordyceps are used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and have been for thousands of years. They are the only strooms I had heard of before doing this write up.

In addition to fighting cancer, this fungus has been found to boost libido and increase exercise performance. Researchers find that substances in cordyceps (much like bitter apricot kernels) attack mutant cells (cancer) without damaging healthy cells (aka not killing you). You’re welcome.

Well, that was fun.

Get the full that this post was based on here:

The writers at the Truth About Cancer recommend that you use extracts to get therapeutic amounts of cancer-fighting compounds, so the links below are get extracts.

Try reishi today.

Or get agaricus blazei murill here.

Get turkey tail extract combo here.

Get cordyceps extract here.

Get your maitake extract here.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Yes, I write to help people, and I also expect that people will take action on helping themselves based on the recommendations in the articles. When you buy a product from Amazon through those shortlinks above Amazon may send me a little money for my referral.

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