Title: Follow the Expert’s Advice to Select the BestWater Filter Pitcher


Close to 75% of our body contains water and water is found in everything, starting from blood to urine. If adequate amount of water is not present in our body, transfer of energy becomes difficult and that’s the reason why we feel weak when dehydrated. Water plays a key role in flushing out excess minerals and toxins from the body in the form of sweat, urine etc. In our brain, more than 80% is water and in short, without water our whole body functionality collapses and we can’t live.

As lion shareof our body consists of water, it is important to drink pure water. A healthy person needs to drink three to four liters of water every day and this requirement varies based on outside temperature, weight of a person, his present health condition etc.Tap or ground water containslot of impurities, bacteria and virus and unwanted minerals in high concentrations. To lead a happy and healthy life, it is better to filter water before drinking.

What are water filter pitchers?

In many countries, governments are taking the responsibility of supplying clean and pure water. Even after purifying, the water may get contaminated while distributing through taps by dissolving the unwanted minerals and in most of the cases, the so called pure water tastes really bad. Traces of chlorine, lead, aluminum may get added in the water distribution process and using water filter pitcherssolves this problem.

Several reputed companies are releasing water filter pitchers that purify tap water.In general theseportable filters contain activated carbon which removes organic impurities including chlorine. This active carbon also helpsin removing certain pesticides and toxins present in water. The ion exchange resin present in the best water filter pitchers helps in softening the water and one can enjoy the pure taste of water after filtering.Water pitchers are only useful for treating the already processed water which is free from bacteria, virus and parasites.

What are the reasons for having a water filter pitcher?

· After the purification process, the water has to be distributed and it may get contaminated in the distribution process. The water is distributed to each and every house through cement or plastic pipes and as the water passes through the pipes, it may dissolve some of the elements present in these pipes. In case ofbest water filter pitchers, water is purified while serving.

· The purification process itself may not be perfect. We often observe traces of chlorine due to which taste of water also gets changed. Chlorine is used in one of the water purification procedures.

· Transparent water doesn’t mean it is pure.Some bacteria, virus and tiny parasites can’t be seen with naked eye and water appears transparent even if they are present. Some unwanted and harmful mineralsand elements completely dissolve in water and even their safe threshold limit is crossed, water may appear transparent. All of us might have observed minute change in taste from place to place even if the water is transparent.

· Unlike other popular water filtering systems, water pitches are portable and occupy very less space. No separate installation is needed and most of the pitchers also fit in refrigerators.

· Best water filter pitchers are easy to carry and one can carry them while going for picnics, adventure trips, long rides etc. which is not possible with other water filtering systems.

· With the growth of industries, more and more number of chemicals isentering into environment and some of thesenew chemicals are dissolving in water andgiving rise to new diseases.

· At some places, concentration of ammonia, chlorine, fluorine in water is more than the threshold prescribed. If one drinks such water, long term health complications may arise.

· Drinking impure water not only causes health problems but also affects the life span of a person in a negative way.

· As per the reports published by EWG, more than 80%of world’s population depends on tap water for drinking. On average, the water they regularly drink contains more than 300 harmful contaminants and most of them who are drinking suchcontaminated water for very long time are facing serious health issues.

· Drinking bottled water is a good idea but you can’t buy a bottle every time unless you are extremely rich.If you choose this option, you are indirectly polluting the environment.Safe and economical way todrink pure water is buyingbest water filter pitcher available.

Top 10 Recommended water filter pitchers and their Reviews

Thousands of products are available in the name of best water filter pitchers and every manufacturer claims that their product is best. Those who want to buy the best water filter pitcher will surely face problems in selection.Even the reputed companies are updating their models regularly and releasingnew and advanced models frequently. Water filter pitchers are a bit expensive and if anyone makes a wrong choice, his hard earned money will get wasted. To solve this, we are presenting you the list of top 10 bestwater filter pitchers available in the market right now and their brief reviews.

1. Grand Water Filter Pitcher (Blue): As the name itself suggests, this pitcher looks grand and the Brita’s designers took extra care in this pitcher design. Brita is known for releasing the best water filter pitchers and this one in no exception. This pitcher removes the excess chlorine and improves the taste of water. This pitcher is available on amazon with a price tag of $39.96 (shipping charges extra). There is a filter indictor also which warns the users on changing the water filter present in the pitcher. This pitcher removes the harmful elements like mercury, lead, cadmium present in water and one can drink pure and safe drinking water without spending much on water purifying. It not only looks pretty but it also does the job of purifying water very well. The transparent design and the colorful lid looks stylish and everyone will like this pitcher in the first look itself.

The average rating of this pitcher on amazon is 4.2 out of five and most of the users are happy with the performance of this pitcher. Some users complained that the lid is falling off while pouring water into glasses but in fact, the lid of this pitcher only falls when one holds the lid while serving. So, don’t hold the lid while pouring and apart from this, no one observed any major problems. Brita is a reliable brand for water filters and those who are looking for best water filter pitcher than can hold 10 cups of water can surely go for this.

2. Grand Water Filter Pitcher (Green): This pitcher was also manufactured by Brita and it was designed with an aim to provide pure drinking water at affordable prices. While using this pitcher, you just need to change the filter from time to time and in this way; you can use this pitcher for indefinite amount of time. This pitcher is perfect for small families, sport teams and also in offices because of its huge storing capacity. It can easily store 10 cups of water one can enjoy the real taste of water after filtering through it. There is an indicator to know the changes in the filter and it also warns the user if the filter needs to be changed. One can buy this best water filter pitcher from amazon and the original price of this pitcher is $34.99 but Brita is also offering discounts.

This water pitcher weighs 2.88 pounds and because of its oval shape, one can easily carry it. The handle is stiff and offers comfort gripping. On calculation, you not even spend 50 cents to filter one gallon of water which is really economical. All the users who are using it are satisfied with the performance of this pitcher and some reviewers even called this one as the best water filter pitcher available in the under $30 price range. Close to 60% of member gave 5star rating and 16% members gave 4star rating which proves its efficiency. One can easily store this water pitcher in refrigerator also as the product dimensions are 17.56*11.94*7.38 inches.

3. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher: Aquagear is a reliable brand but its products are a bit expensive when compared to others. The company justifies it by offering high quality and durable products and the best filtering. The company claims that this pitcher can remove more than 70 harmful contaminants that are commonly found in tap water and this make it thousand times better when compared to other popular and so called best water filter pitchers. The company uses its patented filtering technology and unlike normal pitcher filters which concentrate only on Chlorine and Zinc; this patented filter removes Mercury, Trihalomethanes, DDT and several other harmful compounds which are usually ignored by other pitchers. Aquagear is one of the few companies which are offering 30 day money back guarantee and if you are really unsatisfied with the performance of the pitcher, you can happily return it and this is not a publicity gimmick.

Only less than 13% of members rated it three or below which means that more than 87% members who had brought this product are extremely happy with their purchase. This product can filter 150 gallons of water after which you need to change the filter. The original price of this product on amazon is $71.95 but one can get huge discounts by applying coupon codes. This pitcher is manufactured in the USA and claims of removing harmful fluorides present in water. This best water filter pitcher uses five stage filtering process and the company is offering life time guarantee on their product.

4. Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher: To know the real difference between pure water, water with acidic concentrations and alkaline water, one must try this pitcher. This pitcher helps you in enjoying the real taste of water and in this pitcher water is filtered in seven stages. The company claims that alkaline ionized water helps in increasing the overall health and also helps in weight loss by increasing metabolism rate. This best water filter pitcher is available in Black, Blue, Green and White colors and the original price of this product is $89.95 and shipping is free. The company itself is offering 30% discount and you can save some extra amount by using coupon codes and buying through Amazon card. You should open the lid to fill water and the tight rubber grip ensures no spills. This product weights nearly two pounds and its dimensions are 10.2*11*5.5 inches and it fits perfectly in refrigerator. This pitcher can hold nearly 3.5 liters of water at a time and perfect for a small family.

On Amazon, 66% and 18% members gave five star and four star ratings respectively. This product has an average rating of 4.3 out of five on Amazon and most of the users posted positive reviews about this product. To get filtered water in the 7–8 pH range, this is the economical and best water filter pitcher available in the market right now. This pitcher is perfect for filtering the municipal tap water and those who are suffering from health problems like interstitial cystitis, this pitcher is the best.

5. Countertop Water Filter: Zen water systems are popular for delivering high quality products and most of their products became instant hits after releasing. As per the company claims it does five functions and water is purified by passing through multiple filters. The Micro-Ceramic Filter traps all the particles in the range of 0.2 to 0.5 microns and the activated carbon helps in giving the taste of fresh mountain spring water. The company claims that its best water filter pitcher removes harmful elements and chemicals and adds the micro-nutrients which are essential for proper wellbeing in limited quantities. The total capacity of this water filter is four gallons and the company sells it on Amazon with a price tag of $129.95. One can get $50 discount and if you are looking for high capacity water filters, the company offers 6 gallon and 8 gallon filters with price tags $139.95 and $149.95 respectively. The five stage filter needs to be changed every six months or for every 500 gallons of filtered water whichever is earlier.

The average rating of this filter on amazon is four and more than more than 72% of buyers gave four star and above ratings. One can observe a clear change in taste of tap water after filtering through this one. The company claims of removing harmful bacteria also and similar to all other filters, it efficiently removes chlorine, chemical impurities. This one is easy to assemble and it works without electricity. The only thing that lacks in this best water filter pitcher is the fluoride filter.

6. Alkaline Water Pitcher: A product from HL4Y not only makes your water alkaline but also improves its taste. This pitcher filters water really fast and you can enjoy alkaline water within no time. This is one of the few water pitchers that work as advertised. Without spending much, you can enjoy the real taste of alkaline water by buying this best water filter pitcher and like all other water pitchers, it removes traces of chlorine and other organic chemicals. It also removes pesticides and tiny particles present in water and this one is economical when compared to other filtering options available. One can buy this product on amazon and it comes with a price tag of $99.99. If you really want to buy, use coupon codes to get discounts from company and you can own this product for as low as 56.00 and shipping is free. The filter present in the pitcher can only work for 30 days and one needs to change the filter after that.

Most of the users who had brought this product are extremely happy with it and 66% of five star ratings on amazon prove this fact. Most of the users who had brought this pitcher and those who are currently using the product are extremely happy with it and except short life of filters, no user complained about anything. Average rating on amazon is 4.3 and the easy to use design and the super-fast filtering helped the best water filter pitcher to get this rating. This one weighs close to 1.8 pounds and its handle offers good grip.

7. Everyday Water Filter Pitcher: it is always better to filter tap water before drinking as the chances of becoming contaminated in the water distribution process is very high. Brita is a reliable brand when it comes to water pitchers and this model is their best water filter pitcher so far. It uses only one advanced filter which removes all the excess chlorine compounds and other organic minerals. This one is safe and economical pitcher to purify tap water and it even reduces the bad odor that is occasionally observed in tap water. To fill the water, one needs to open the lid and close it firmly to avoid spills. The original price of this product on amazon is $58.41 but the company is offering 64% discount making the final price $20.99 (shipping charges extra). Specially designed filter indicator warns the users to change the filter if the filter stops working.

The average rating of this product on amazon is 4.4 and close to two thousand members gave ratings. On amazon, 67% and 17% buyers gave five star and four star ratings respectively and it stands out as Best Seller in Pitcher Water Filters category. This best water filter pitcher weighs just 2.29 pounds and can store ten glasses of water and this makes it ideal choice for a small family. Unlike other Brita’s pitchers, this one is available in only one color i.e. white. Enjoy the real taste of pure water and you can do that by spending few pennies per liter.

8. Water Pitcher Replacement Filters: The filtering performance of the best water filter pitchers heavily depends on filters and if the user doesn’t replace the filter present in pitcher in the right time, there is no use of filtering. Some companies are even developing water filters which will automatically stop working if the filter needs to be replaced. Brita is a reputed brand in water pitchers and their products are highly reliable. Most of their products come with either electronic indication or sticker indicator to warn users on filter replacement. The company itself is offering filters to avoid problems faced by its customers in buying filters. The original price of the pack that contains three filters is $33.40 and these filters are suitable for most of the Brita water pitchers. The two filter pack coms with a price tag of $11.99 (after deducting discount) and the five and six filters packs are $25.00 and $27.43 after availing discounts.

This pitcher replacement pack is the best seller in Kitchen & Dining category and the average rating for this product is 4.5. More than three thousand members brought this product and close to 90% of members gave four and above ratings. These filters are designed to remove excess chlorine, zinc and other organic elements. These filters are highly economical and the filtering cost of one gallon of water is less than twenty cents. As per the company claims, each filter can be used for filtering 40 gallons of tap water. Brita recently modified the design of its filters but they are compatible with several old best water filter pitchers.

9. UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser: This filter can hold 18 cups of water and this a product of Brita. This product is available in white and black colors only and this rectangular water dispenser comes with a tap also. Similar to all other Brita’s best water filter pitchers, the activated carbon present in this one removes unwanted organic elements and traces of pesticides. This is the best way to remove chlorine from tap water and after filtering, the water really tastes better. The ion exchange resin helps in improving the taste of water. The white one comes with a price tag of $26.99 and the price of black one is $34.99 after availing the discounts. This product weighs 3.7 pounds and its physical dimensions are 7.25*14*8.75 inches. It comes with an inbuilt spigot and because of its efficient design, it occupies very less space. The tank in this filter can hold 18 cups of water and the filter present in this dispenser needs to be changed for every 40 gallons of water.

The average rating for this product on amazon is 4.3 and more than one thousand buyers posted reviews on this product. Buying this dispenser is economical and environment friendly compared to buying drinking water bottles all the time. This one is perfect for a family consists of six or more members. The sticker indicator warns you if the filter needs to be replaced. If the fluoride filter is also included in this product, it would get more positive response.

10. Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher: Last but not the least, the best Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher from EHM comes with a price tag of $64.55 (shipping charges extra). This best water filter pitcher uses tourmaline stones to increase the pH value of water and the filtered water really have a good and distinct taste. This pitcher removes the unnecessary organic compounds from water and adds micronutrients like iron, calcium etc. which are essential for humans. The design of this pitcher has to be specially mentioned here as it comes in stylish white and blue color combination. EHM used multi-filtering mechanism to achieve the desired taste of water and the ionized water really tastes different. This pitcher is portable and fits easily in refrigerator. This pitcher also removes the heavy metal ions and several other particles whose width is in the range of microns.

More than 75% of buyers gave four or above ratings which prove that most of the buyers are happy after using this product. 3.9 is the average rating for this product on amazon and close to 90 members rated it till now. The company even claims that after drinking the filtered water, one will feel more energetic as the metabolism rate increases. On the pH scale, the filtered water always shows 8.0 or more and this type of ratings is hard to find with other filters. Those who are suffering from urinary problems can also use this product and the alkaline mineral water helps in solving those health issues.


If you want to buy a new water pitcher, select one from thetop 10 bestwater filter pitchersmentioned. Atleast one of the above mentioned pitchers surely meet your requirements. If none of the above meets your requirements, finalize one water pitcher after researching heavily on the internet and don’t forget to go through the reviews before buying. If you are drinking so called pure water, buy the portable and advancedwater filter pitcher now. Better late than never; start using water filter pitchers as soon as possible and recommend the same to your friends, family members, colleges and well-wishers.Click now

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