Poverty programs are much more extensive than one would believe: $2,374,932900,000 is about half…
Evan Nibbe

How about the societal concerns of living in poverty.

Less poverty = less drugs. Poverty is one of the leading reasons there are drugs on the street. Poor children get neglected because of poor social systems in general. Again, don’t see your downside. More money in the hands of all people decreases desperation.

Less desperate people are less likely to do bad things. Maybe for once in their lives they would see a way out. Traditional jobs are not always possible, especially someone like me who is disabled. The biggest problem is the strings attached by said systems that do nothing for self-actualization of the person and even when covered by disability they are also restricted in so many ways as to still live in fear. (Consider that people on disability are more likely to live with anxiety and depressive disorders.)

That’s why I’m focusing on writing and hoping that one day I will be able to fund my own existence. That people will willingly say, yeah she’s worth it, she contributes enough to society based on the value she brings and not by the amount of drudgery she can tolerate.

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