Every revolution of society in the past has ended in slightly different forms of feudalism.
Keith Evans

I have heard and have read about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and it’s various iterations. Unfortunately a large part of society literally discounts Psychological reasoning. Being as I am someone who the world would deem disabled (however I’d rather not have that label), it was frustrating to me that the whole disability system completely discounts these needs. With the strings that come with the system, one is literally always placed off of governmental help to then living off someone elses’ dime if they can find a way to do so, at the recipients detriment. An idea I completely disagree with as I see how many people are stuck on disability because of the hoops one would have to go through just to prove they are no longer with someone, preventing them from escaping poor situations such as emotional abuse, fear, physical abuse etc. They completely disregard the need that one has to have their their own money and then some aside from anyone they may be with either temporarily or permanently. Disability claws back their paycheck every time a person’s life situation goes through changes. It directly conflicts with ever feeling self-actualized and makes one live in fear almost constantly.

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