To be a writer is to be almost everything, it’s exhausting, help me…

Deciding to be a writer means many things.

By definition if you write, you are a writer. But, just being a writer doesn’t pay the bills. Not by default anyway.

A writer is an artist. She paints magical lands, beautiful seascapes and whimsical characters — she is an artist of your mental canvas.

A writer is a seducer. She can pull you in, grab you tight, make you want her, make you — take her. She speaks to your desires and she creates ones you never knew you had.

A writer is a storyteller. She weaves messy details into a congruent, linear path. You are living the experience as she wants it told and felt.

A writer is a teacher. She by need of her craft, becomes well educated. She is a reader of books and can make complex ideas become easier to understand. By reading what she writes, you can learn new things about the world or about yourself.

A writer is a motivator. She speaks to your innermost wants, your goals and aspirations. In her words, she tells you what it takes to get what you want, to live a life that you desire. Her writing makes you dream of more.

A writer is a creator. On paper, she is tangible, on the internet she is data. In your mind though, she is a creator. Without a single instrument other then her her carefully crafted words being interpreted by your mind, she creates a multitude of emotions.

A writer is also a marketer. Not by default though, it would be nice. She writes for you, she writes for her. She writes for the world. You would never discover her without the ability for her to market herself. Carefully crafted headlines, a network of millions of adoring fans (it would be nice), her ideas are like viruses they grow on you. Or maybe she is The Borg, “resistance is futile”.

Okay so maybe, I’m not yet a marketer. I hate click-bait.

Note: Up until a writer is a marketer, this was intended to be fairly insightful but the comedian took over the end.

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