Cutting the Gordian Knot of Technological Unemployment with Unconditional Basic Income
Scott Santens

What you have written, is a very concise piece and thorough argument for a basic income beyond just the typical responses given. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this cause. Ontario, a province in Canada is experimenting with a basic income although still not entirely unconditional, but it’s a start. 4,000 are being granted this basic income for three years in select areas, mine was not one of them. I hope beyond all hope that this is not another disastrous trial for the sake of looking good to the impoverished people of Ontario or for their party platform. This needs to be analyzed and explained simply to the masses, especially the naysayers of this movement.

Your article is very enlightening and full of very useful bits of reason and argument. The article itself is an above average read, my concern is for those who do not have the capabilities to fully understand all the points made in the article. You do provide sufficient resources and links for some explanations but leave out Gordian knot and asymptote, just thought you could either explain it in the article or point one through a link for those two ideas.

Unless I missed it, if so, ignore me :)