Intellectual & liberal speaks out: Bernie Sanders is a fraud.
S. Novi

Lordy! Your opinion piece is so off the mark I don’t even know where to begin. Yes, I was an avid Bernie supporter in the election, but now I’m not so happy with him but not due to anything you’ve spun and taken out of context here, but because he seems to be working for the neoliberal corporatist democrats I despise, i.e. Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi, DW Schultz, etc..

Some facts:

Bernie voted against Irag. Hillary voted for it.

Bernie voted against the Wall Street bailouts. Hillary voted for it.

Bernie has always been in support of Gay Marriage even when it was unpopular to do so. Hillary flipped only when it would help her campaign run.

Bernie has always been against the TPP. Hillary is for it.

Bernie voted against the Patriot Act. Hillary voted for it.

Bernie is against fracking. Hillary is for it.

Hillary is a warmonger. She never saw a war she didn’t love. Not Bernie.

Hillary is in bed with Wall Street, the corporate whores, and the military industrial complex. Bernie is not.

Bernie wants big money out of politics. Hillary is backed by the biggest money and wants it to stay in.

Bernie wants free education in public colleges (as it use to be until the 1970's). Hillary does not.

Bernie wants to break up banks. Hillary does not.

Hillary worked with and supported and rallied for the polices her husband creates, such as: the repeal of Glass Steagall, deregulation of banks, deregulation of the telecommunications industry, making prisons for profit, three strikes your out and the expansion of the war on drugs both of which put one out of every ten black men in prison, and puts people in prison for very minor offenses, increased the death penalty, welfare reform taking food, housing and security away from children and single mothers, gutted manufacturing via the horrible NAFTA which it only sent jobs overseas but cut wages and benefits for people in the US, no LBGT equality- creates defense of marriage act, the 1994 Crime Bill which is one of the most racist bills ever in modern history, turned the Lincoln bedroom into a fundraising condo for his big donors, knew about the Rwanda genocide and did nothing, escalated US foreign drug wars, etc etc.

Pretty horrific wouldn’t you say? I would. I do! Hillary not only supported all of that, she fought to get congress to pass all of it.

While Sanders stepped aside in the middle of his rally when two women from BLM stepped in unexpectedly, to let them speak, Hillary had security shove a BLM woman out the door of a rich donors house for holding up a sign saying: You never apologized for Super Predator.

In regards to woman’s rights, Hillary accepted huge multi million dollar donation to the clinton foundation while Secretary of State from countries who notoriously give no rights to woman, such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates (not to mention, this was an enormous conflict of interest, and she signed a document to obama stating she will not do foundation business while in office)! Clinton’s supposed penchant for women’s rights wasn’t taken into account when it came to taking money from countries that exhibit some of the worst examples of gender inequality in the world. These donations beg the question of whether Ms. Clinton’s efforts on the behalf of women were more for show than genuinely wanting to make an impact for women today.

Further, while she claims to be a feminist, according to the women abused, she terrorized the woman who bill sexually assaulted and raped with into silence. That is not a feminist stand at all.

Also, you can’t be a feminist while bombing the crap out of Libya and Syria, murdering hundreds of thousands of women and children, breaking up families, and leaving all alive destitute.

Bernie’s stand however, is meant to improve the lives of every woman in America. His family values agenda which incorporates extended and paid maternity leave is unprecedented. He has called on men to join women in fighting for closing the gender wage gap, and his plans to tackle income inequality outpace that of Hillary , who only supports a $12 national minimum wage, and is better known for courting wall street — which has made her a multi-millionaire — than holding them accountable for their greed.

Okay, I don’t have time to go on now. But I think perhaps you get the point.

Check out hillarys top donors. This says it all: