Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

Really, Brock?! Every day for a year and a half I’ve been attacked on social media by Hillary supporters, who were/are full of hate, rage, and total misinformation. They wouldn’t research Hillary’s unscrupulous past, they didn’t read the OIG report on her emails, they wouldn’t read the plethora of reports by election fraud experts on how Hillary stole the primary, and they refuse to read any of the Wikileaks, cause you know, RUSSIA!! (SMH). And yet, they felt the need to yell and scream and belittle and mock and condescend self righteously knowing nothing.

Many of these daily menaces were from you. It was easy to distinguish them. They came, they cursed, they belittled, they misspelled, and had poor grammar. I’d call them out. They denied. I insisted. They admitted. They left. Or if they didn’t I blocked. I mean, these people were getting paid! Dear lord, unfuckingbelievable! And I suppose you’re proud of this?!

Was it you who took down my FB Page twice right before the NY Primary, since I am an outspoken and a knowledgeable and active Bernie supporter?! Was it you or your bots who took down my posts constantly, vaporizing them into thin air?! Was it you who had trolls make believe they were Bernie supporters, then attacked, and called the millions of us Bernie Bros?! Oh yes, yes yes yes! And NOW you want us to both believe what you are saying and what, like you?! Hahahaaa. Delusional.

You are a menace to the political system. You and those other establishment “Democrats” are now more corrupt than the Republicans. No way are any of you Progressives, and when Killary said that, I fell off a chair hysterical laughing. War and money and schmoozing and power are what all of you drool over. We The People mean nothing to any of you.

You’re standing a little to close to the heat of the hellfires Brock, and have lost your mind. And oh, stay away from the children.



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